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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Warm Up

About This SQL Advanced Title

04m 59s

About The Author

01m 48s

Relational Databases And Key Terms Explained

07m 45s

Recap Of SQL SELECT Command

07m 38s

Overview Of The Other DML Statements

05m 29s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Installing The Sample Data And Using The Working Files

03m 5s

Chapter: Useful Skills

Converting Datatypes

07m 58s

Creating A Temporary Table

06m 2s

The DISTINCT And TOP Keywords In Action

05m 20s

Indexing To Speed Up Your Life

08m 0s

Declaring And Using Variables

06m 50s

Chapter: The Subquery

What Is A Subquery?

06m 0s

Subquery Vs Joins

04m 59s

Using Correlated Subqueries

07m 5s

Using The EXISTS Keyword

04m 47s

Finding Duplicate Records

05m 45s

Chapter: The CASE Statement

Getting Started With The CASE Statement

06m 34s

Using The CASE Statement With Criteria On Multiple Columns

05m 34s

Multiple Criteria Within The CASE Statement

06m 10s


04m 49s


06m 33s

CASE Within Subqueries

06m 4s

Chapter: Numbering And Ranking

Numbering Or Ranking Records In A SELECT Statement

06m 20s

Filtering Results Based On Numbering Ranking

05m 53s

Using Numbering Within Groups

04m 45s

Filtering A Ranked Group To Determine Top N

05m 17s

Chapter: Functions

Using Built In Functions

07m 35s

Creating And Using Your Own Functions (UDF)

05m 7s

Chapter: Views

Creating A View

05m 20s

Example Views And Views In Views

05m 6s

Using The UNION Clause

06m 24s

Chapter: Stored Procedures

What Is A Stored Procedure?

08m 3s

Creating A Stored Procedure

05m 34s

Running A Stored Procedure

04m 55s

Stored Procedures Within Stored Procedures

05m 28s

The Global Variables @@Identity And @@Rowcount

08m 6s

Looping With WHILE And IF

06m 58s

Dynamically Build SQL Statements

07m 43s

TRY And CATCH For Error Trapping

04m 30s

Cursors In Use - Part 1

06m 32s

Cursors In Use - Part 2

05m 30s

Use Of Transactions

06m 41s

Chapter: Conclusions

Wrap Up

06m 37s