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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Python Epiphanies


00m 48s

Chapter: Objects

Back to the Basics: Objects

10m 24s

Exercises: Objects

01m 49s

Chapter: Names

Back to the Basics: Names

07m 55s

Exercises: Names

04m 10s

Chapter: More About Namespaces

Namespace Scopes and Search Order

05m 34s

Namespaces: Function Locals

05m 53s

The Built-ins Namespace

02m 25s

Exercises: The Built-ins Namespace

01m 39s

Chapter: Import

The import Statement

06m 23s

Exercises: The import Statement

02m 27s

Chapter: Functions


07m 31s

Exercises: Functions

03m 58s

Augmented Assignment Statements

08m 32s

Function Arguments are Passed by Assignment

02m 57s

Chapter: Decorators

Decorators Simplified

09m 33s

Exercises: Decorators

02m 57s

Chapter: How Classes Work

Deconstructing the Class Statement

18m 17s

Creating Classes with the type Function

04m 42s

Exercises: The Class Statement

03m 36s

Class Decorator Example

02m 0s

Chapter: Special Methods

Special Methods of Classes

06m 38s

Exercises: Special Methods of Classes

02m 40s

Chapter: Iterators and Generators

Iterables, Iterators, and the Iterator Protocol

04m 6s

Exercises: Iterables, Iterators, and the Iterator Protocol

01m 19s

Generator Functions

04m 0s

Exercises: Generator Functions

02m 45s

Chapter: Taking Advantage of First Class Objects

First Class Objects

06m 29s

Binding Data with Functions

05m 27s

Exercises: Binding Data with Functions

03m 9s