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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 7s

Groovy and Other Non-Java Languages On The JVM

05m 7s

Chapter: Installing Groovy

Installing Groovy

09m 38s

Running a "Hello, World" Script

10m 27s

Running Groovy from Java

10m 37s

Asserts, Imports, and Def

10m 58s

Chapter: Numbers and Strings

Integer and Floating Point Types

05m 34s

Operator Overloading

06m 31s

Strings and Groovy Strings

12m 26s

Multiline Strings and the "Slashy" String Syntax for Regular Expressions

10m 34s

Chapter: Plain Old Groovy Objects (POGOs)

A Lot of Power From Little Code

19m 33s

Chapter: Collections

Groovy Ranges and Lists

10m 49s

Maps and Sets

13m 9s

Chapter: Basics of Closures

Iterating Using Closures

16m 4s

Transforming Collections with the Collect Method

10m 2s

Demo: Accessing the Google Geocoder Web Service

15m 9s

Demo: Accessing the ICNDB Web Service

09m 29s

Chapter: Miscellaneous Operators and Techniques

Safe Navigation, Spaceship Operator, and Elvis

12m 53s

Chapter: Demonstrations

Demo: Sorting Strings

16m 47s

Demo: Summing Numbers

11m 2s

Demo: Closures As A Filter

09m 2s

Demo: Processing Web Pages

05m 21s

Demo: Printing Padded Binary Strings

04m 37s