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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Downloading and Installing Linux

10m 8s

Downloading and Installing Windows

06m 55s

Configuring Startup with a System (Service Integration)

06m 7s

Using the Command-line Tool

07m 35s

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

06m 24s

Chapter: JSON and Data Operations

An Overview of JSON

05m 57s

Schemaless but Structured

05m 57s

Adding Data to MongoDB

05m 3s

Querying Data in MongoDB

06m 45s

Advanced Queries, Regex, Projection, and Fields

05m 38s

Chapter: Working with Databases

Pruning Data from MongoDB

05m 4s

Backing Up a Database

05m 18s

Restoring a Database

04m 20s

Other Redundancy Mechanisms

03m 56s


04m 35s

Chapter: MapReduce

MapReduce Overview and Background

05m 51s

Creating a Map Function

06m 17s

Creating a Reduce Function

06m 55s

Advanced MapReduce Functionality

05m 4s

When to Use MapReduce

02m 16s

Chapter: The Aggregation Framework

An Overview of the Aggregation Framework

03m 5s

Single Purpose Aggregation

04m 32s

Pipeline Components

06m 25s

Example Usage

06m 11s

Expression Operators

05m 29s

Chapter: SSL Security and Programmatic Access

SCons and Memory Requirements Used to Build MongoDB

03m 17s

Verifying and Distributing the Build

05m 55s

Authentication and Authorization

05m 13s

Accessing MongoDB Using PHP

03m 21s

Accessing MongoDB Using Python

04m 31s

Chapter: Replica Sets and Scaling

Types of Nodes

02m 30s

Building a Replica Set

04m 17s

Verifying Failovers

03m 22s

Write Concern

03m 33s

ReadPreference and Load Balancing

03m 51s

Chapter: Advanced Topics and Hosting

Sharding and Ultrascale

03m 21s

Sharding Example

05m 34s

MMS Setup

06m 38s

Reviewing the MMS Feature

03m 23s

Caching MongoDB

05m 9s