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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Prezi

What Is Prezi?

02m 40s

Prezi Versus Other Programs

03m 36s

Chapter: Using the Prezi Workspace

Exploring the Prezi Workspace

02m 48s

Frames, Text, and Transformations

04m 52s

Path Point Basics

02m 1s

Application of the Prezi Workspace

02m 6s

Chapter: Templates and Themes

Selecting Your Template

03m 54s

Advanced Theme Wizard Features

04m 11s

Reusable Prezis

01m 49s

Application of the Theme Wizard

03m 18s

Chapter: Adding Text and Media to Your Prezi

Adding Images to Prezi

02m 46s

Inserting Graphic Icons

03m 19s

Adding External Media

03m 52s

Adding Audio to Prezi

03m 14s

Application of Media Insertion

05m 13s

Chapter: Paths and Animations

Layouts and Path Points

04m 21s


01m 34s

Paths and Zooming

03m 22s

Chapter: Prezi Organization

Managing Prezis

04m 23s

Adding Prezi Editors

03m 33s

Prezi Accessibility

02m 47s

Application of Prezi Management

01m 59s

Chapter: Presentation

Presenting Online

02m 19s

Presenting Offline

02m 1s

Presenting via Mobile

05m 11s

Application of Presentation

02m 46s