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Table of Contents

Chapter: Chapter 1 - Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

04m 0s

About The Author

01m 16s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Chapter 2 - Complexity Theory

Complexity Theory

03m 56s

Big O Notation

07m 2s

Typical Runtime Functions

04m 37s

Comparing Runtime Functions

05m 27s

P And NP

04m 4s

Chapter: Chapter 3 - Numerical Algorithms

Random Numbers

02m 19s

Linear Congruential Generators

05m 4s

Randomizing Arrays - Part 1

03m 47s

Randomizing Arrays - Part 2

04m 31s


04m 9s


03m 28s

Prime Factorization - Part 1

04m 59s

Prime Factorization - Part 2

02m 43s

Finding Primes

03m 24s

Testing Primality

03m 45s

Numerical Integration

05m 11s

Chapter: Chapter 4 - Linked Lists

Singly Linked Lists - Part 1

06m 48s

Singly Linked Lists - Part 2

02m 22s

Sorted Linked Lists

03m 22s

Sorting With Linked Lists

04m 7s

Doubly Linked Lists

03m 51s

Chapter: Chapter 5 - Arrays

One-Dimensional Arrays

05m 10s

Triangular Arrays - Part 1

04m 13s

Triangular Arrays - Part 2

03m 17s

Sparse Arrays - Part 1

05m 27s

Sparse Arrays - Part 2

03m 19s

Chapter: Chapter 6 - Stacks And Queues


02m 32s

Stack Algorithms

03m 26s

Double Stacks

02m 8s


05m 49s

Chapter: Chapter 7 - Sorting

Sorting Algorithms

03m 3s


06m 27s


04m 46s

Quicksort - Part 1

05m 40s

Quicksort - Part 2

07m 55s

Heapsort - Part 1

06m 17s

Heapsort - Part 2

05m 21s

Heapsort - Part 3

05m 39s

Mergesort - Part 1

03m 55s

Mergesort - Part 2

03m 41s

Bubblesort - Part 1

04m 51s

Bubblesort - Part 2

04m 18s

Countingsort - Part 1

04m 45s

Countingsort - Part 2

03m 35s

Sorting Summary

02m 51s

Chapter: Chapter 8 - Searching

Linear Search

02m 11s

Binary Search

05m 15s

Interpolation Search

05m 27s

Chapter: Chapter 9 - Hash Tables

Hash Tables

04m 32s


05m 23s

Open Addressing - Basics

07m 25s

Open Addressing - Linear Probing

04m 48s

Open Addressing - Quadratic Probing

04m 22s

Open Addressing - Double Hashing

05m 55s

Chapter: Chapter 10 - Recursion

Recursion Basics

05m 37s

Fibonacci Numbers

06m 8s

Tower Of Hanoi

06m 8s

Koch Curves

04m 32s

Hilbert Curves

04m 32s


04m 52s

Removing Tail Recursion

03m 58s

Removing Recursion With Stacks

03m 56s

Fixing Fibonacci

07m 25s


04m 15s


04m 12s

Chapter: Chapter 11 - Backtracking Algorithms


06m 3s

The Eight Queens Problem - Part 1

06m 0s

The Eight Queens Problem - Part 2

04m 3s

The Eight Queens Problem - Part 3

03m 48s

The Knights Tour

04m 20s

Chapter: Chapter 12 - Trees

Tree Terms

05m 6s

Binary Tree Properties

06m 25s

Traversals - Preorder

03m 54s

Traversals - Postorder

02m 57s

Traversals - Inorder

02m 47s

Traversals - Breadth-First

02m 57s

Building Sorted Trees

03m 56s

Editing Sorted Trees

04m 36s

Chapter: Chapter 13 - Balanced Trees

Why Do You Need Balanced Trees?

04m 4s

B-Trees - B-Tree Basics

07m 18s

B-Trees - Adding Items

05m 16s

B-Trees - Removing Items

04m 16s

Chapter: Chapter 14 - Decision Trees


05m 36s

Exhaustive Search

06m 27s

Branch And Bound

08m 26s


07m 38s

Chapter: Chapter 15 - Network Algorithms

Network Terminology

03m 31s

Network Classes

04m 52s

Depth-First Traversal

05m 21s

Breadth-First Traversal

02m 43s

Spanning Trees - Part 1

04m 12s

Spanning Trees - Part 2

03m 58s

Shortest Paths - Part 1

07m 27s

Shortest Paths - Part 2

08m 41s

Chapter: Chapter 16 - Wrap-Up


01m 17s