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Chapter: Getting Started


01m 3s

About Andy

03m 0s

Top Ten From Andy

04m 30s

Chapter: OS X Yosemite Essentials

Introduction To OS X Yosemite

00m 58s

Computer Operating Systems

04m 20s

Setting Up An Apple ID

02m 31s

Performing The Install - Part 1

05m 34s

Performing The Install - Part 2

02m 37s

Essential Peripherals

06m 38s

Setting Up Finder Preferences

09m 22s

Bluetooth Pairing

02m 55s

Working With Trackpad Gestures

02m 42s

Streamlining With System Shortcuts

03m 53s

Adding Shortcuts To Apps

03m 34s

Chapter: Setting Up And Communicating

Introduction To Communication

00m 39s

Communicating With The World

05m 29s

Setting Up Accounts

08m 38s

Organization Is The Key

05m 2s

Setting Up Extended Drives

04m 1s

Setting Up The Working Environment

03m 13s

Organizing In Launchpad With Groups

02m 53s

Chapter: The Yosemite Finder

Introduction To Finder

00m 56s

Working With Folders

10m 39s

Additional Folder Options

02m 44s

Creating Folders And Manipulating Documents

06m 45s

Organizing With Shortcuts And Aliases

05m 22s

Using The Quick Look Option

02m 55s

Taking Out The Trash

05m 10s

Controlling Content With Tabs

04m 49s

Accessing File And Folder Information

05m 26s

Creating Custom Folders And Disk Icons

02m 52s

Chapter: Working With Applications And The Dock

Introduction To Applications The Dock

00m 44s

Opening And Closing Applications

06m 39s

Working In The Dock

03m 54s

Dock Options

04m 38s

Working With Multiple Applications

04m 5s

Organizing With Stacks

04m 38s

Creating An Application Stack

04m 1s

Creating A Custom Stack Icon

04m 11s

Chapter: Saving And Searching In Yosemite

Introduction To Saving And Searching

00m 49s

How To Perform A Basic Save Operation

07m 9s

The Amazing Spotlight Tool

05m 30s

Find What You Need Quickly With Tags

06m 5s

Working With Archives

02m 32s

Chapter: Safari - Your Window To The World

Introduction To Safari

00m 41s

The Basic Safari Interface

05m 26s

Customizing The Safari Interface

01m 48s

Getting The Most Out Of Safari

04m 4s

Using Bookmarks

03m 41s

Tips And Tricks For Downloading Files

03m 50s

Maintaining Internet Privacy

05m 8s

Securing Your Internet Passwords

02m 25s

Conducting A Private Browsing Session

02m 26s

Adding Extensions To Enhance The Browsing Experience

01m 51s

Chapter: The Mail, Calendar And Contacts Apps

Introduction To Mail, Calendar And Contacts

00m 34s

Setting Up Accounts

05m 12s

Working In Apple Mail

08m 39s

Creating Smart Folders And Rules

03m 43s

Adding Attachments To An Email

04m 20s

Staying Organized With Calendar

05m 13s

Managing Contacts

03m 28s

Chapter: Communicating With Video And Text

Introduction To Video And Text

00m 42s

Getting Ready To Communicate

02m 53s

Working With Messages

07m 7s

Working With FaceTime

04m 42s

Chapter: Additional Yosemite Considerations

Introduction To Additional Considerations

00m 40s

Never Get Lost By Using Maps

08m 27s

The Improved iTunes

05m 38s

Expanding Your Knowlede Base With iBooks

07m 39s

QuickTime Basics

05m 22s

Organizing With Notes And Reminders

03m 6s

Chapter: The Notification Center

Introduction To The Notification Center

00m 42s

Understanding And Controlling Notifications

04m 18s

Working In The Today View

05m 31s

Chapter: Installing Additional Apps

Introduction To Additional Apps

00m 41s

Working In The Apps Store

06m 35s

Additional Installation Methods

06m 11s

Communicating With A Printer

03m 30s

Chapter: AirDrop And Handoff

Introduction To AirDrop And Handoff

00m 56s

Working With AirDrop

07m 18s

Using Handoff

04m 55s

Chapter: Keeping Your Information Safe And Secure

Introduction To Keeping Your Information Sade And Secure

00m 59s

Performing A Manual Backup

03m 44s

Setting Up Time Machine

03m 53s

Restoring Files From Time Machine

02m 43s

Chapter: Conclusion

Final Thoughts

01m 25s