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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Introduction

Introduction To Hibernate And JPA

05m 21s

About The Author

01m 59s

MySQL Installation

07m 13s

Eclipse Installation

02m 36s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Object Relational Mapping And Hibernate

Chapter Overview - Object Relational Mapping and Hibernate

03m 23s

Hibernate Overview

07m 40s

Object Relational Mapping - Part 1

05m 21s

Object Relational Mapping - Part 2

08m 47s

Hibernate Demo

06m 15s

Chapter: Hibernate Basics

Chapter Overview - Hibernate Basics

02m 30s

Project Setup

06m 42s

Simple Entity Mapping

06m 20s

Building A Session Factory

08m 5s

Hibernate Configuration

07m 43s

Calling Persistence Methods

04m 32s

Chapter: Basic Mapping Annotations

Chapter Overview - Basic Mapping Annotations

08m 21s

Field Versus Property Access

05m 2s


06m 6s

Identifiers - Part 1

05m 35s

Identifiers - Part 2

05m 30s


02m 12s


08m 16s


05m 9s

Basic Value Types - Part 1

05m 16s

Basic Value Types - Part 2

06m 8s

Chapter: Mapping Composite And Collection Types

Chapter Overview - Mapping Composite and Collection Types

05m 9s

Mapping Composite Value Types

08m 58s

Mapping Collections Of Basic Value Types

06m 13s

Mapping A Map Of Basic Values

04m 9s

Mapping A Collection Of Composite Values

06m 28s

Chapter: Entity Associations

Chapter Overview - Entity Associations

02m 36s

Entity Associations

07m 0s

Unidirectional One To One Association

07m 58s

Bidirectional One To One Association

06m 47s

Unidirectional One To Many Association

07m 6s

Bidirectional One To Many Association

04m 42s


07m 56s

Unidirectional Many To Many Association<

06m 1s

Bidirectional Many To Many Association

04m 32s

Chapter: Hibernate API

Chapter Overview - Hibernate API

04m 7s

Persistence Lifecycle - Part 1

03m 20s

Persistence Lifecycle - Part 2

08m 49s

Saving Entities

03m 24s

Retrieving Entities

07m 22s

Modifying Entities

02m 37s

Removing Entities

03m 53s

Reattaching Detached Entities

03m 27s

Save Or Update

02m 51s

Flushing The Persistence Context

05m 16s

Chapter: JPA API

Chapter Overview - JPA API

05m 50s

JPA Configuration

07m 37s

Saving Entities

05m 32s

Retrieving Entities

04m 39s

Modifying Entities

01m 52s

Removing Entities

02m 55s

Reattaching Detached Entities

05m 53s

Session And Entity Manager Similarities

03m 11s

Chapter: Advanced Mappings And Configuration

Chapter Overview - Advanced Mapping and Configurations

03m 34s

Compound Primary Keys

07m 35s

Compound Join Columns

07m 10s


06m 13s

Mapped Superclass Inheritance

06m 50s

Table Per Class Inheritance - Part 1

06m 9s

Table Per Class Inheritance - Part 2

06m 15s

Single Table Inheritance

06m 9s

Building A Persistence Layer

07m 20s

Views For Complex Queries

02m 28s

Schema Generation

04m 49s

Chapter: Hibernate Query Language And Java Persistence Query Language

Chapter Overview - Hibernate Query Language

04m 0s

Writing Queries

06m 10s

Expressions And Operators

05m 18s


05m 53s


06m 26s


05m 29s

Named Queries

05m 35s

Lazy Loading

04m 31s

Chapter: Criteria API

Chapter Overview - Criteria API

04m 26s

Simple Selections

06m 35s


06m 41s


03m 31s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

02m 20s