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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What To Expect From This Course

02m 6s

About The Author

03m 52s

Course Overview

06m 4s

MCSD Certification Options

06m 2s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Setup

Visual Studio

05m 51s

Getting Visual Studio Community Edition

03m 18s

Installing Visual Studio

06m 26s

Visual Studio Basics

06m 34s

Demo Examples

02m 50s

Visual Studio Features

06m 19s

Code Regions

06m 17s

Visual Studio Settings

05m 54s

Chapter: C# Basics

Why C#?

04m 40s

Characteristics Of C#

05m 10s

Object Oriented Programming - Part 1

05m 46s

Object Oriented Programming - Part 2

05m 13s

Understanding Classes

02m 54s

Understanding Objects

04m 37s

Classes And Objects Example - Part 1

05m 24s

Classes And Objects Example - Part 2

04m 48s

C# Types

06m 39s

Value And Reference Types

06m 57s

Using Collections And Arrays - Part 1

05m 43s

Using Collections And Arrays - Part 2

04m 12s

Exception Handling

05m 3s

Exceptions Example

05m 59s

StringBuilder - Part 1

05m 43s

StringBuilder - Part 2

04m 35s

StringWriter And StringReader - Part 1

06m 24s

StringWriter And StringReader - Part 2

05m 36s

Chapter: Working With C# Types

Properties And Fields

06m 9s

Using Properties And Fields - Part 1

06m 7s

Using Properties And Fields - Part 2

05m 9s

Methods: Public/Private And More

06m 27s

Access Modifiers

03m 27s

Named And Optional Arguments

04m 30s

Understanding Constructors

05m 27s

Using A Constructor

05m 41s

Understanding Static

05m 58s

Understanding Structs

04m 10s

Struct Example

05m 35s

Generic Types - Part 1

05m 43s

Generic Types - Part 2

03m 27s

Casting And Converting - Part 1

05m 27s

Casting And Converting - Part 2

05m 12s

Casting And Converting - Part 3

04m 9s

Boxing And Unboxing

04m 1s

Indexers - Part 1

04m 27s

Indexers - Part 2

02m 6s

Chapter: Implementing Class Hierarchies

The Magic Of Inheritance - Part 1

05m 37s

The Magic Of Inheritance - Part 2

02m 57s

Using Inheritance

03m 34s

Inheritance Example - Part 1

04m 40s

Inheritance Example - Part 2

04m 34s

Understanding Overloading

03m 36s

Overloading Example

05m 18s

Overriding Methods

03m 57s

Override Example

05m 44s

Extension Methods

05m 52s

Understanding Interfaces

05m 42s

Creating An Interface - Part 1

04m 44s

Creating An Interface - Part 2

05m 13s

Explicit Interface Implementation - Part 1

05m 43s

Explicit Interface Implementation - Part 2

04m 26s


06m 14s

Implementing IEnumerable - Part 1

05m 23s

Implementing IEnumerable - Part 2

04m 48s

Implementing IEnumerable - Part 3

02m 27s

Chapter: Understanding Delegates

What Is A Delegate?

04m 41s

Creating A Delegate - Part 1

04m 58s

Creating A Delegate - Part 2

05m 0s

Multicast Delegates - Part 1

05m 24s

Multicast Delegates - Part 2

05m 59s

Chapter: Understanding Events

What Is An Event?

04m 10s

Basic Event Example - Part 1

04m 56s

Basic Event Example - Part 2

03m 5s

Using EventHandler

05m 24s

Using EventArgs - Part 1

05m 56s

Using EventArgs - Part 2

04m 14s

Chapter: Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection Basics

05m 30s

Understanding Dispose

06m 16s

Understanding Finalizers

06m 8s

Understanding IDisposable

04m 0s

Implementing IDisposable

06m 10s

Chapter: Asynchronous Programming

Understanding Multithreading

06m 20s

Creating A Thread

04m 53s

Managing A Thread

05m 36s

ThreadPool - Part 1

04m 39s

ThreadPool - Part 2

03m 5s

Async And Await

06m 16s

Async And Await Example - Part 1

05m 0s

Async And Await Example - Part 2

03m 28s

Chapter: Data Security

Basics Of Assemblies

04m 14s

GAC Basics

05m 5s

Encrypting User Files - Part 1

05m 41s

Encrypting User Files - Part 2

03m 33s


05m 15s

Hashing Data - Part 1

04m 20s

Hashing Data - Part 2

05m 28s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

05m 6s