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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Overview

04m 57s

About The Author

00m 58s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Directives

Dynamic Templates

05m 7s

Advanced Scoping

03m 3s

Using Controllers For Coordination

06m 22s

Harnessing $compile

03m 38s

Custom Inputs

04m 14s

Chapter: Creating Modular Factories

Values Vs. References

02m 2s

Handling Asynchronicity With Objects

03m 17s

Handling Asynchronicity With Arrays

04m 41s

But What About My Callbacks?

03m 32s

Chapter: Models

What And Why Of Models

03m 37s

Initialization Functions

03m 55s


03m 55s

Basic Caching

02m 19s

Chapter: Messaging And Events

But Why Not $on?

03m 34s

Subscribing And Triggering

08m 19s


04m 10s

Full Messaging Service

06m 42s

Chapter: Unleashing Providers And $injector

Setting Configuration Values

03m 6s

Global Error Handlers

03m 8s

Interfaces Via Provider

03m 12s

Interfaces Via $injector

03m 29s

Optional Dependencies

03m 50s

Chapter: Decorators

Decorating Factories

07m 2s

Decorating Directives

06m 21s

Making Testing Easier

06m 36s

Chapter: Conclusion

Course Review

03m 13s