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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To Object Oriented Python

Introduction And About The Author

02m 57s

What Is Object Oriented Programming And Why?

04m 23s

Object-Oriented Python

06m 13s

Modules Versus Classes

03m 43s

Chapter: Getting Started

Prerequisites And Toolkit

02m 22s

Choosing An IDE Or Text Editor And Workflow

03m 8s

Chapter: Classes

Classes, Instances, Attributes And Methods

06m 58s

Defining A Class

04m 53s

Instance Methods

05m 52s

Instance Attributes

03m 33s


06m 1s

Init Constructor

06m 4s

Class Attributes

03m 3s

Working With Class And Instance Data

06m 25s

Assignment 1

03m 52s

Assignment 1 - Solution

04m 2s

Chapter: Inheritance And Polymorphism

Inheriting Attributes

04m 17s

Inheritance Examples

06m 41s


06m 42s

Inheriting The Constructor

02m 58s

Multiple Inheritance And The Lookup Tree

06m 17s

Decorators, Static And Class Methods

08m 10s

Abstract Classes

04m 20s

Method Overloading - Extending And Providing

09m 3s

Composition Versus Inheritance

07m 35s

Assignment 2

03m 56s

Assignment 2 - Solution

05m 2s

Assignment 2 For Extra Credit - Solution

03m 28s

Chapter: Advanced Features

Implementing Core Syntax

07m 10s

Subclassing Built-Ins

06m 25s

Attribute Encapsulation

05m 27s

Private Variable Names

06m 35s

With Context

06m 7s

New Style Classes

03m 50s

Assignment 3

07m 13s

Assignment 3 - Supplementary Hints

05m 5s

Assignment 3 - Solution

05m 5s

Chapter: Exceptions

Trapping And Raising Exceptions

13m 2s

Custom Exceptions

06m 21s

Assignment 4

05m 34s

Assignment 4 - Solution

04m 9s

Chapter: Object Serialization


08m 27s


06m 48s


09m 26s

Assignment 5

03m 38s

Assignment 5 - Solution

01m 45s

Chapter: Efficiency And Testing

Debugging - PDB

10m 1s


04m 1s

Benchmarking - The Timeit Module

06m 3s

The Pytest Module - Part 1

07m 45s

The Pytest Module - Part 2

06m 9s

Assignment 6

03m 49s

Assignment 6 - Solution

05m 28s

Chapter: Conclusion

What We Have Learned

01m 55s

Where To Go From Here

04m 48s