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Chapter: Introduction


01m 3s


00m 48s

About The Author

00m 34s

Amazon EC2 And Elastic Beanstalk

05m 56s

Understanding EC2 Storage

06m 4s

Understanding EC2 Networking

01m 54s

Using IAM To Create A Management Account

03m 39s

Chapter: Deploying An EC2 Linux Instance

Creating A Key Pair

01m 39s

Creating A Basic Instance

04m 35s

Connecting To A Linux Instance Using A Browser

01m 33s

Adding An Elastic IP

03m 19s

Allowing Network Access

02m 51s

Connecting To A Linux Instance Using SSH

01m 23s

Adding A New Disk

03m 48s

Adding Swap

03m 53s

Moving Files To A EC2 Instance

01m 17s

Adding Termination Protection

01m 52s

Changing The Timezone And Hostname

02m 40s

Chapter: Using Windows In EC2

Creating A Key Pair

01m 31s

Launching A Basic Windows Instance

02m 51s

Adding An Elastic IP To A Windows Instance

03m 11s

Changing Network Access

02m 32s

Connecting To A Windows Instance

01m 35s

Adding A Data Disk

02m 30s

Moving Files To A Windows Instance

01m 30s

Adding Termination Protection

01m 44s

Chapter: Monitoring And Reporting

Monitoring Overview

02m 26s

Creating A Billing Alarm

01m 46s

Working With Status Checks

02m 11s

Creating A Network Alarm

02m 26s

Chapter: Security

Working With Key Pairs

02m 31s

Configuring Access With Security Groups

04m 14s

Using IAM To Create An EC2 Instance

04m 20s

Chapter: Using Amazon Linux

Updating Amazon Linux

01m 13s

Installing Apache, PHP, And MySQL On Amazon Linux

02m 22s

Allowing HTTP Traffic To The Instance

03m 6s

Chapter: Provisioning And AMIs

Creating An AMI

01m 58s

Creating An Instance Using A Custom AMI

01m 54s

Working With Snapshots

05m 31s

Creating An Auto-Scaling Group

03m 8s

Chapter: Working With RDS And EC2

Creating A Database With RDS

02m 49s

Working With EC2 And RDS Security Groups

03m 7s

Connecting To An RDS Database From EC2

02m 31s

Creating A MySQL User

02m 5s

Chapter: Creating Applications On EC2 Instances

Obtaining Information About PHP From An EC2 Instance

01m 36s

Connecting To An RDS Database From PHP In EC2

03m 48s

Creating A Load Balancer

05m 0s

Chapter: Conclusion

Final Thoughts

01m 5s