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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Should Expect From This Video

01m 9s

About The Author

01m 14s

A Brief History Of The Domain Name System

04m 10s

Chapter: How Does DNS Work?

What Is The Domain Name System?

03m 48s

Domains, Delegation And Zones

03m 5s

The Internet Namespace

04m 17s

Internationalized Domain Names

02m 6s

Name Servers, Zones And Authority

01m 25s


01m 48s

Resolution And Recursion

04m 22s

Queries And Responses

02m 46s


02m 23s

Server Selection And Retransmission

01m 50s

Chapter: Name Servers

Authoritative, Recursive And Caching Name Servers

02m 15s

Primaries And Secondaries

03m 8s

Forwarding And Forwarders

02m 33s

Makes And Models - BIND, The Windows DNS Server, And More

02m 16s

Chapter: Resource Records

Resource Records

03m 23s

The A Record

01m 9s

The AAAA Record

01m 13s

The PTR Record

03m 24s

The CNAME Record

01m 43s

The MX Record

02m 13s

The SRV Record

02m 45s

The TXT Record

00m 58s

Infrastructure Records

07m 43s


02m 19s

RRset Order

01m 24s

Tracing Resolution With dig

04m 58s

Chapter: Stub Resolver Configuration And Operation

Timeouts And Retransmissions

04m 12s

Default Domains And Search Lists

03m 33s

Chapter: Advanced Topics

Dynamic Update

05m 56s


03m 0s


01m 7s

Sender Policy Framework

03m 23s

Chapter: Query Tools


08m 43s


08m 48s

Chapter: Wrap-Up


01m 27s