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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

02m 57s

Chapter: Setting Up

Setting Up

08m 40s

Chapter: Charts

Bar Chart Recap

09m 50s

Highlights & Transitions

19m 2s

Adding Interactivity: Highlighting

09m 11s

Adding Interactivity: Tooltips

22m 10s

Adding Interactivity: Sorting

06m 7s

Linked Charts

15m 42s

Page Integration

10m 9s

Chapter: Layouts

Introduction to "Data Layouts"

01m 57s

Pie Layout

09m 26s

Stack Layout

21m 32s

Force Layout

07m 41s

Chapter: Maps

Introduction to Maps

06m 35s

Maps: Data

13m 27s

Maps: Rendering

12m 7s

Placing Data on Maps

09m 2s

Adding Points to the Map

08m 57s

Adding Interactivity

21m 28s

Chapter: Conclusion


02m 7s