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Table of Contents

Chapter: System Configuration

Course Overview

00m 53s

About The Author

02m 9s

Installation - Part 1

02m 6s

Installation - Part 2

02m 28s

Installation - Part 3

04m 26s

Chapter: Basic Project Configuration

Android Studio Projects - Part 1

04m 1s

Android Studio Projects - Part 2

05m 4s

Android Studio Projects - Part 3

02m 24s

Chapter: Configuration Settings

Android Studio Configuration - Part 1

04m 34s

Android Studio Configuration - Part 2

03m 18s

Android Studio Configuration - Part 3

02m 8s

Android Studio Configuration - Part 4

03m 3s

Android Studio Configuration - Part 5

03m 2s

Android Studio Configuration - Part 6

03m 8s

Chapter: Working With Android Activities

Creating An Activity

02m 47s

Adding Events

04m 15s

Adding Functionality To Views

02m 9s

Chapter: Navigating Android Studio

Menu Structure

03m 31s

Hot Keys

04m 40s

Chapter: Debugging

Tracing Through Code

03m 51s

Inspecting Data

04m 3s

Advanced Techniques

05m 1s

Chapter: Optimizing Code

Memory Analysis

03m 22s

CPU Analysis

04m 1s

Advanced Profiling

02m 53s

Static Soucecode Analysis

06m 6s

Chapter: Unit Testing Basics

Unit Testing

04m 1s

Chapter: Configuring Android Virtual Devices

AVD Configuration

05m 34s

Chapter: Refactoring

Refactoring Naming Moving

03m 37s

Refactoring Methods Definitions

05m 14s

Chapter: APK Signing

Generating Signed Applications

01m 51s

Chapter: Conclusion


00m 37s