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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


05m 29s

About The Author

01m 14s

Chapter: Overview Of Azure ML

Introduction To Azure ML Studio

00m 54s

Experiments And Workflows In Azure ML Studio

05m 52s

Azure ML Modules

03m 52s

Data I/O In Azure ML

05m 34s

Creating And Evaluating A First Machine Learning Model

06m 33s

Documentation And Examples

03m 41s

Chapter: Introduction To R In Azure ML

Editing, Debugging And Executing R In Azure ML

03m 59s

An Execute R Script Example

13m 28s

The Create R Model Module

09m 34s

Chapter: Data Science Examples

Overview Of Data Science Examples

09m 10s

The Data Science Process

07m 28s

Chapter: Data Munging In Azure ML

Introduction To Data Transformation And Cleaning

01m 52s

Dealing With Metadata

05m 8s

Duplicate And Missing Data

05m 59s

Standardization And Transformation

04m 57s

Errors And Outliers

04m 17s

Quantization And Categories

06m 39s

Combining Data Joins

05m 3s

Chapter: SQL In Azure ML

Introduction To Apply SQL Transformation Module

03m 59s

Apply SQL Transformation Exercise

03m 16s

Chapter: Using The dplyr Package

Intro To dplyr

07m 40s

dplyr Example - Part 1

02m 13s

dplyr Example - Part 2

03m 18s

Chapter: Installing R Packages In Azure ML

Installing R Packages

04m 17s

Chapter: Reshaping Data With tidyr

Reshaping Data With tidyr

07m 24s

Chapter: Time Series Data In Azure ML

Date-Time Classes In Azure ML

06m 16s

POSIXct Example

03m 49s

Chapter: The ggplot2 Package

Intro To ggplot2

04m 24s

ggplot2 Exercise

04m 0s

Chapter: Feature Selection And Dimensionality Reduction

Introduction To Feature Selection And Dimensionality Reduction

08m 53s

Exercise - Filter Based Feature Selection

03m 41s

Exercise - randomForest Feature Selection

06m 10s

Projection Methods for Dimensionality Reduction

12m 20s

Chapter: Functional Programming With R

Introduction To Functional Programming With R

08m 44s

Functional Programming Example

05m 25s

Chapter: Regression Example

Introduction To Regression Example

05m 19s

Data Preparation Example

08m 51s

Examining Correlations

06m 11s

Time Series Plots

06m 11s

Understanding Features With Box Plots

07m 1s

Other Exploratory Plots

05m 45s

Feature Selection - Regression

05m 2s

Model Evaluation With Time Series Plots

10m 14s

Model Evaluation Of Residuals - Part 1

04m 29s

Model Evaluation Of Residuals - Part 2

05m 3s

Chapter: Regression Example - Improving the Model

Introduction To Improving the Model

01m 7s

Using An R Model

05m 59s

Creating A New Azure ML Model

03m 36s

Trimming Outliers

10m 53s

Optimizing Model Parameters

07m 44s

Further Improvements And Summary

03m 43s

Chapter: R Object Communications In Azure ML

Introduction To R Object Serialization

04m 22s

R Object Serialization Example

05m 18s

Chapter: Classification Example

Introduction To Classification Example

04m 36s

Data Preparation - Part 1

03m 1s

Data Preparation - Part 2

07m 41s

Exploring The Data

08m 1s

Balance Cases

03m 26s

Feature Selection

06m 2s

Building Initial Models

05m 45s

Model Evaluation

09m 12s

First R Model

05m 1s

Improving the R Model

06m 30s


03m 37s

Chapter: Azure ML Web Services

Overview Of Publishing Azure ML Models As Web Services

03m 48s

Creating An Azure ML Web Service

10m 27s

Updating An Azure ML Web Service

02m 48s

R Model Publishing

08m 35s


04m 9s

Chapter: Conclusion


02m 47s