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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


05m 7s

About The Author

00m 46s

What Is Drupal?

01m 7s

Using The Working Files

13m 32s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Installing Drupal

Installing Drupal Through An Online Service

02m 19s

Preparing A Local System

09m 55s

File System, Core Files, And Sites Directory

05m 15s

The Drupal Installer - Part 1

06m 13s

The Drupal Installer - Part 2

09m 58s

User 1

03m 21s

Summary Of Installing Drupal

01m 18s

Chapter: Basics Of Content Creation

Out Of The Box - Basic Pages And Articles

08m 5s

Publishing Options - Published, Promoted, URL

07m 31s

Summary Of Basic Content Creation

03m 30s

Chapter: Basic Site Configuration

Site Information

07m 55s

Overview Of Configuration UI

14m 47s


04m 51s

File System

11m 42s

Regional And Language Settings

08m 5s

Trusted Host Settings

05m 20s

Summary Of Basic Site Configuration

00m 45s

Chapter: Creating A Simple Site - Content

Understanding Entities And Nodes

06m 10s

Reviewing Content Creation - Basic Pages

05m 17s

Reviewing Content Creation - Articles

06m 58s

Content Revisions

03m 57s

Bulk Content Management

04m 8s

Summary Of Entities And Nodes

01m 43s

Chapter: Creating A Simple Site - Blocks

What Are Blocks?

03m 43s

Block Management, Placement And Site Regions

08m 12s

Creating A New Block

06m 39s

Block Settings

08m 1s

Summary Of Block Management

01m 8s

Chapter: Creating A Simple Site - Menus

What Are Menus?

01m 36s

Menu Management

07m 45s

Adding A New Menu

03m 52s

Menu Blocks

06m 51s

Summary Of Menus

01m 16s

Chapter: Extending Drupal

Core Modules

06m 45s

Forum Module

07m 28s

Finding Modules On Drupal

11m 2s

Installing A Contributed Module

05m 32s

Summary Of Extending Drupal

02m 16s

Chapter: Creating A Simple Site - Content Types

What Are Content Types?

03m 55s

Modifying Existing Content Types

08m 9s

Changing How A Content Type Displays

06m 58s

Create New Content Type - Event

09m 37s

Telephone Number Field

06m 17s

Date And Time Field

03m 56s

Date Displays

04m 25s

Event Display Settings

07m 43s

Display Modes

05m 45s

Summary Of Content Types

02m 34s

Chapter: Views - Creating A Proper Upcoming Events Display

What Are Views And Why Do You Need Them?

04m 5s

Create A Simple Upcoming Events Page With Views

05m 36s

The Views UI

09m 37s

Views Filter Criteria

05m 18s

Views Sort Criteria

07m 28s

Views Displays - Add A Block Display

07m 55s

Views Fields

07m 14s

Using Display Modes

04m 12s

Placing A Views Block

03m 16s

Views Displays - Add An RSS Feed

07m 16s

Summary Of Basic Views

01m 19s

Chapter: Text Formats And Visual Editors

What Are Text Formats And Why Do They Matter

06m 36s


05m 13s

Summary Of Text Formats And CKEditor

01m 10s

Chapter: Media - Image Styles, Responsive Images, And Files

Image Fields

07m 3s

Image Styles - Part 1

07m 24s

Image Styles - Part 2

04m 41s

Focal Point On Image Styles

04m 40s

Responsive Images

06m 50s

File Fields

05m 46s

Summary Of Media

01m 13s

Chapter: Understanding And Using Taxonomy - Adding A Recipe Database To Your Site

What Is Taxonomy?

04m 20s

Adding A Vocabulary

06m 11s

Associating Vocabulary With A Content Type

07m 6s

Summary Of Taxonomy

01m 5s

Chapter: Views Exposed And Contextual Filters - Adding A Recipe Database To Your Site

Views - Exposed Filters

09m 30s

Views - Contextual Filters

11m 14s

Views Relationships

09m 44s

Views UI And Other Advanced Settings

07m 39s

Use Taxonomy For Sensitivity Type Navigation In Recipe Database

03m 53s

Summary Of Exposed And Contextual Filters

02m 58s

Chapter: Drupal Users

Types Of Users, User 1, Administrator, Authenticated And Unauthenticated

02m 56s

Managing Users

09m 8s

User Roles

06m 3s

Check Permissions

05m 18s

Summary Of Users

01m 47s

Chapter: Introduction To Theming

What Is Theming And What Skills Do You Need?

04m 48s

Install A Polished Contrib Theme

05m 34s

Standard Theme Settings

11m 30s

Customizing Theme Files

07m 23s

Theming Summary

02m 1s

Chapter: Deploying And Managing A Drupal Site

Moving Drupal From One Environment To Another

12m 19s

Configuration Management

10m 34s

Security Considerations

08m 58s

Applying Security Updates

04m 20s

Summary Of Deploying And Managing A Drupal Site

00m 53s

Chapter: Conclusion

Resources And The Drupal Community

03m 39s


00m 47s