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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Web Performance Optimization?

03m 2s

About The Author

00m 39s

What WPO Is Not

00m 56s

What To Expect From This Video

01m 5s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: How Browsers Work

Mechanics Of A Web Request

05m 3s

DOM Construction

01m 23s

Important Events - DOMContentLoaded And OnLoad

02m 24s

Browser Rendering Optimization

02m 17s

Chapter: Measurement

What Do You Need To Measure?

04m 3s

Measurement Options

09m 4s

Measurement Examples

11m 8s

Mobile Measurement Options

03m 17s

Chapter: What Is Web Performance Optimization?

The Performance Equation - Part 1

00m 30s

The Performance Equation - Part 2

02m 3s

Waterfall Charts - Part 1

07m 18s

Waterfall Charts - Part 2

02m 54s

A Study Of Latency

07m 28s

Payload Reduction

02m 26s

Deferral Techniques

03m 13s

Optimizing CSS

03m 16s

Chapter: Server Side Optimization

Introduction To Async Behavior

05m 35s

Non-Blocking IO

02m 56s

Load Distribution

01m 5s

Server Off-Load Techniques

01m 6s

TLS Connection Optimizations

04m 56s

Chapter: Image Optimization

Data URI

11m 29s


01m 59s

Image Compression

04m 52s

WebP, JPEG-XR And JPEG 2000

04m 30s

Format Conversion Techniques

01m 50s

Image Optimization Tools

04m 38s

Chapter: Accelerating Dynamic Content

Using IFrames For Async Behavior

16m 29s

Javascript Deferral

07m 56s

Basic Gzip Compression

01m 44s

Chapter: Round-Trip Reduction

Resource Combining

02m 19s


03m 32s


03m 5s


07m 20s

Chapter: Client Side Caching

Making A LocalStorage Cache - Read Through

12m 14s

Controlling Cache Header Expiry

04m 42s

Far-Future Expiry And Fingerprinting

09m 36s

Caching HTML On The Client

06m 13s

Chapter: Progressive Rendering

Progressive Image Rendering

05m 44s

Lazy Loading Images

03m 31s

Above The Fold Rendering Techniques

04m 53s

Chapter: Blackholes And Anti-Patterns

DataURI Versus Page Reload Size

18m 52s

Duplicate Download - Concatenated Resources Package

06m 55s

Third Party Resources And Single Points Of Failure - SPOF

04m 9s

Chapter: Using Your CDN Effectively

CDN Mechanics

06m 45s

Cookie-Less Domains

05m 31s

Managing Cache Expiry

06m 8s

Caching Optimized HTML

05m 8s

Chapter: Optimizing For The Mobile Web

What Is Different About Mobile Pages?

01m 24s

Adjusting For Mobile Layout

08m 36s

Mobile Javascript Execution

11m 43s

Optimizing For Mobile Networks

03m 24s

Responsive Web Design

05m 6s

Adaptive Delivery

03m 54s

Chapter: HTTP 2

What Is HTTP 2?

04m 23s

Why Is HTTP 2 Faster?

03m 14s

HTTP 2 In Action

05m 42s

HTTP 2 Options

03m 38s

Chapter: Automated WPO

What Is Automated WPO?

02m 23s

Design-Time Versus Run-Time Optimizations

03m 9s

WPO Embedded In The Network

01m 50s

WPO Server Extensions

02m 21s

Image Optimizers

02m 40s

Mobile WPO Automation

01m 43s

WPO As A Service

01m 51s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

03m 29s