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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction To Reversing

07m 20s

About The Author

03m 27s

Ethical Considerations

01m 57s

Reversing Tools - Part 1

05m 34s

Reversing Tools - Part 2

04m 32s

Reversing Tools - Part 3

03m 9s

Reversing Tools - Part 4

03m 34s

Reversing Tools - Part 5

04m 41s

Reversing Tools - Part 6

04m 35s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Reversing Compiled Windows Applications

Vulnerabilities - Part 1

05m 27s

Vulnerabilities - Part 2

05m 43s

Vulnerabilities - Part 3

04m 22s

Using Fuzzing - Part 1

05m 41s

Using Fuzzing - Part 2

05m 51s

Using Fuzzing - Part 3

06m 52s

Using Fuzzing - Part 4

06m 22s

Just Enough Assembly - Part 1

06m 55s

Just Enough Assembly - Part 2

06m 56s

Just Enough Assembly - Part 3

03m 51s

Stack Overflows - Part 1

06m 7s

Stack Overflows - Part 2

06m 9s

Stack Overflows - Part 3

07m 57s

Heap Overflows - Part 1

04m 47s

Heap Overflows - Part 2

05m 50s

Heap Overflows - Part 3

03m 12s

Heap Overflows - Part 4

05m 42s

Format String Bugs - Part 1

06m 43s

Format String Bugs - Part 2

07m 25s

Format String Bugs - Part 3

07m 2s

Format String Bugs - Part 4

04m 14s

Section Overflows

06m 48s

Windows Kernel Flaws

03m 32s


06m 53s

Automation - Part 1

05m 52s

Automation - Part 2

05m 47s

Chapter: Reversing Compiled OS X Applications

Where Are The Vulnerabilities?

02m 28s

Locating Stack Overflows

03m 32s

Heap Overflows

06m 6s

Chapter: Reversing Compiled Linux Applications

Where Are The Vulnerabilities?

05m 3s

Linux Stack Overflows - Part 1

04m 30s

Linux Stack Overflows - Part 2

06m 58s

Linux Stack Overflows - Part 3

06m 23s

Linux Stack Overflows - Part 4

05m 56s

Linux Stack Overflows - Part 5

07m 5s

Linux Heap Overflows - Part 1

05m 25s

Linux Heap Overflows - Part 2

06m 48s

Linux Heap Overflows - Part 3

05m 46s

Linux Heap Overflows - Part 4

05m 5s

Linux Kernel Flaws - Part 1

05m 36s

Linux Kernel Flaws - Part 2

02m 44s

Chapter: Reversing Android Applications

Introduction To Android And ARM

04m 48s

Android Applications

03m 26s

Chapter: Finding Other Vulnerabilities

Web Site Vulnerabilities

05m 40s

Database Vulnerabilities

05m 4s

Chapter: Simple Exploits

Going From Vulnerability To Exploit

02m 49s

A Simple Exploit Script

05m 50s

Creating A Metasploit Module For An Exploit - Part 1

04m 40s

Creating A Metasploit Module For An Exploit - Part 2

06m 38s

Creating A Metasploit Module For An Exploit - Part 3

07m 14s

Chapter: Exploit Payloads

Shellcode - Part 1

05m 53s

Shellcode - Part 2

04m 58s

Shellcode - Part 3

07m 5s

Shellcode - Part 4

03m 48s

Chapter: Making Exploits Harder To Detect

Encoding Shellcode - Part 1

05m 15s

Encoding Shellcode - Part 2

06m 3s

Chapter: Web Exploitation

Web Exploits In Metasploit

04m 29s

Chapter: ARM Exploitation

Android Exploits In Metasploit

03m 45s

Chapter: Future Directions

Wrap Up And Suggestions For Further Study

05m 52s