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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And About The Author

01m 41s

The Value Of UX Research

03m 3s

Course Overview

02m 38s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Overview Of UX Research Methods

Usability Testing Overview

03m 6s

Overview Of User Interviews

02m 13s


01m 30s

Expert Reviews

02m 19s

Diary Studies

02m 15s

Lean Research Techniques

02m 11s

Chapter: Planning A Usability Study

Overview Of The Study Plan

03m 47s

Running The Planning Meeting With Stakeholders

14m 34s

Determine The Number Of Users To Test

07m 31s

Chapter: User Recruitment

User Recruitment Overview

07m 35s

Determine Recruitment Criteria

10m 38s

Finding And Screening Participants

09m 38s

Chapter: Task Design

Overview Of Task Design

06m 32s

Verb-Based Tasks

04m 21s

Scavenger Hunt Tasks

04m 26s

Best Practices For Task Design

04m 13s

Interview Based Tasks

06m 47s

Exercise - Creating Your Own Tasks

03m 50s

Chapter: Building The Prototype

Low Fidelity Versus High Fidelity

07m 54s

Building Paper Mockups

04m 46s

Chapter: Moderating A Usability Study

Overview And The Roles Of A Test Moderator

03m 41s

Overview Of A Usability Test Session

04m 28s

Pre-Test Briefing With Users And Observers

05m 31s

Running The Usability Test Session

08m 20s

Exercise - Practice Your Moderation Skills

02m 54s

Chapter: Analyzing The Data

Performance Metrics

04m 40s

Observation Versus Inferences

12m 20s

Rolling List Of Observations

05m 28s

The KJ Technique - Prioritizing Data Findings

12m 22s

Exercise - Running A KJ Exercise

02m 5s

Chapter: Communicating The Study Results

Success Factors For Communicating Results

06m 23s

Informal Methods - Email, Dashboard, Working Meetings And Integration With Bug Tracking System

04m 22s

Formal Methods - Workshop, Highlight Videos And Report

08m 37s

Chapter: User Interviews

User Interviews - Overview And Benefits

05m 8s

Logistics And Interviewing Tips

06m 36s

Topics To Cover And Questions To Ask

05m 6s

Data To Collect

02m 36s

Exercise - Practice Your Interviewing Skills

01m 51s

Chapter: Personas

Overview Of Personas

05m 4s

Analyzing The Data

06m 31s

Writing Persona Descriptions

03m 21s

Integrating Personas Into The Development Process

05m 44s

Chapter: Expert Reviews

Expert Reviews Overview

08m 48s

Heuristic Evaluations

04m 34s

Expert Reviews Based On Design Principles And Patterns

04m 25s

Task Based Expert Reviews

10m 31s

Exercise - Conduct A Task-Based Expert Review

01m 15s

Chapter: Diary Studies

Diary Studies Overview

03m 56s

Types Of Diary Studies - Unstructured Diaries, Survey Diaries And Usability Test Diaries

06m 16s

Chapter: Lean UX Research Techniques

Lean UX Research Techniques Overview

01m 21s

5-Second Tests

05m 51s

First Click Tests

03m 11s

Comprehension Tests

02m 44s

Task Cataloging Questionnaire

01m 40s

Catalog Test

02m 20s

Chapter: Summary

Resources And Wrap Up

03m 20s