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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About The Course

04m 11s

About The Author

05m 15s

About UML

06m 40s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Diagrams In UML

Models And Diagrams

05m 16s

Introduction To The Modeling Software

06m 28s

Common Features In UML

04m 5s

Chapter: Class Diagrams

Purpose Of Class Diagrams

03m 23s

Distinction Between Objects And Classes

02m 56s

Basic Notation Of Class Diagrams - Classes And Associations

11m 21s

Attributes And Operations - Part 1

08m 8s

Attributes And Operations - Part 2

08m 3s


08m 37s

Composition And Aggregation

07m 30s

Generalization And Specialization

07m 42s

Chapter: Object Diagrams

Purpose Of Object Diagrams

04m 47s

Basic Notation Of Object Diagrams - Objects And Links

05m 49s

Object State

07m 21s

Chapter: Advanced Class Diagrams

Advanced Class Diagrams

03m 41s

Advanced Associations

08m 47s

Interfaces And Enumerations

06m 41s

Internal Structure Of Classes

09m 45s

Chapter: Use Case Diagrams

Purpose Of Use Case Diagrams

04m 55s

Basic Notation Of Use Case Diagrams - Actors And Use Cases

10m 18s

Relationships In Use Cases Diagrams

09m 46s

Specifying Use Cases

07m 57s

Chapter: Interaction Sequence Diagrams

Purpose Of Sequence Diagrams

03m 9s

Basic Notation Of Sequence Diagrams - Lifeline And Messages - Part 1

07m 10s

Basic Notation Of Sequence Diagrams - Lifeline And Messages - Part 2

05m 15s

Active Objects And States

06m 35s

Timing And Duration Constraints

06m 4s

Interaction Occurrences

06m 11s

Combined Fragments - Part 1

05m 17s

Combined Fragments - Part 2

08m 7s

Chapter: Interaction Communication Diagrams

Purpose Of Communication Diagrams

02m 40s

Basic Notation Of Communication Diagrams - Lifeline And Messages - Part 1

05m 17s

Basic Notation Of Communication Diagrams - Lifeline And Messages - Part 2

06m 23s

More On Communication Diagrams

09m 11s

Chapter: Activity Diagrams

Purpose Of Activity Diagrams

02m 34s

Basic Notation Of Activity Diagrams - Actions And Control Flows

05m 25s

Decisions In Activity Diagrams

07m 38s

Parallel Flows In Activity Diagrams

06m 12s

Swimlanes In Activity Diagrams

06m 34s

Objects And Object Flows

06m 21s

Structured Activities

08m 31s

Send Receive And Timers

05m 57s

Chapter: State Machine Diagrams

Purpose Of State Machine Diagrams

04m 6s

Basic Notation Of State Machine Diagrams - States And Transitions

07m 53s

Behaviours In States

05m 17s


05m 27s

Nested State Machines

06m 1s

Protocol State Machines

05m 48s

Chapter: Component Diagrams

Purpose Of Component Diagrams

03m 12s

Basic Notation Of Component Diagrams - Components And Relationships

07m 41s

Internal Structure Of Components

07m 17s

Chapter: Deployment Diagrams

Purpose Of Deployment Diagrams

03m 39s

Basic Notation Of Deployment Diagrams - Nodes And Communication Paths

05m 55s

Software In Deployment Diagrams - Part 1

04m 11s

Software In Deployment Diagrams - Part 2

03m 54s

Chapter: Modeling With UML

Choosing A UML Modeling Tool

04m 28s

Using UML Diagrams

05m 23s


01m 24s