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Chapter: Welcome To A Developer's Guide To WatchKit SDK

What Is WatchKit?

04m 34s

About The Author

01m 2s

A Glance And How It Works

09m 29s

App Group Setup, Build Settings And Custom Info Plists

12m 55s

Creating The iPhone App

10m 41s

Creating The Glance App

09m 13s

Finishing The Glance App

10m 10s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: WatchKit App And How It Works

The Main Watch App And How It Works

06m 21s

Main Watchkit App Heirarchical Navigation

09m 37s

Adding A Minute To The Timer And Resetting

09m 34s

Adding Custom Time To Timer

12m 5s

Chapter: Animating

Animating In Watchkit

11m 1s

Creating A Map And Advanced Pins

10m 49s

Timers And NSTimer

12m 52s


13m 2s

Advanced Switch

05m 56s

Advanced Sliders

08m 14s

Chapter: Notifications And Custom Messages

Introduction To Notifications

07m 45s

Custom Messages And Notification Categories

04m 4s

Notification Icons And App Icons In General

13m 41s

Responding To Actions

05m 24s

Notifications In iOS

09m 35s

Dynamic Notifications

02m 34s

Chapter: Conclusion


05m 35s

Thank You

01m 56s