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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Overview

Course Introduction

06m 34s

About The Author

02m 23s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Maven Introduction

Chapter Overview - Maven Introduction

01m 42s

Maven Overview

09m 50s

Maven Landscape

07m 17s

Technical Overview

04m 51s

Maven Installation

05m 34s

Eclipse Installation

05m 52s

Maven Demo

06m 49s

Chapter: Building A Project

Chapter Overview - Building a Project

02m 25s

Project Setup

07m 16s

Additional Project Information

06m 1s

Standard Directory Structure

08m 2s


08m 6s


07m 41s

Generating Projects

06m 17s

Chapter: Dependency Management

Chapter Introduction - Dependency Management

04m 51s


07m 45s

Transitive Dependencies

05m 26s

Remote Repositories

06m 56s

Dependency Scope

07m 48s

Conflict Resolution

04m 54s

Chapter: Maven Lifecycle And Plugins

Chapter Introduction - Maven Lifecycle and Plugins

02m 54s


06m 38s


04m 7s

Plugins And Goals

07m 1s

Plugin Properties

06m 17s

Custom Plugins - Part 1

06m 20s

Custom Plugins - Part 2

06m 19s

Chapter: Goals And Plugins

Chapter Introduction - Goals and Plugins

03m 15s

Clean Plugin

02m 3s

JAR Plugin

06m 24s

Javadoc Plugin

06m 57s

Install And Deploy Plugins

05m 57s

Surefire Plugin

05m 58s

Eclipse Plugin

02m 27s

WAR Plugin

05m 50s

Chapter: Archetypes

Chapter Introduction - Archetypes

02m 59s

Power Of Archetypes

06m 26s

Building An Archetype

08m 32s

Multi-Module Projects

05m 29s

Chapter: Additional Features

Chapter Introduction - Additional Features

02m 27s

Tomcat Installation

05m 8s

Deploying Web Applications

05m 13s

Encrypting Passwords

04m 57s


05m 49s


05m 26s

Chapter: M2Eclipse Plugin

Chapter Introduction - M2Eclipse Plugin

03m 44s

Creating A Project With M2E

07m 7s

Dependency Management

05m 46s

Phases And Goals

05m 4s


03m 58s

Chapter: Course Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up

05m 23s