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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About The Course

06m 8s

About The Author

00m 41s


01m 49s


06m 55s

Using Xcode And Interface Builder To Create Apps

04m 5s

Testing The App - Part 1

02m 7s

Testing The App - Part 2

03m 49s

Looking At Connections Inside Interface Builder

06m 17s

Comparing iOS And OS X Views And View Controllers

05m 32s

Comparing Swift And Objective-C

05m 39s

Using OS X And Objective-C

02m 0s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Building A Project From A Template

Building A Template

03m 23s

Customizing Xcode

03m 34s

Creating A Storyboard

03m 8s

Labeling Storyboard Items

02m 10s

Testing The App

02m 38s

Connecting The Interface To Code

04m 54s

Writing The Code - Objective-C And iOS

05m 45s

Writing The Code - Objective-C And OS X

02m 45s

Connecting The Interface

05m 16s

Writing The Code - Swift And iOS - Part 1

05m 43s

Writing The Code - Swift And iOS - Part 2

03m 30s

Chapter: Understanding The View/View Controller Structure

Exploring The Documentation

05m 47s

Looking At View Controllers

06m 44s

Looking At Views

07m 22s

Looking At Segues

07m 33s

Chapter: Building A Storyboard

Exploring Top-Down - Looking At The Template Storyboard

03m 46s

Building Bottom-Up - Creating A New Storyboard

06m 57s

Connecting The Storyboard To Code

05m 34s

Making Segues Work

04m 44s

Choosing Relationships

03m 34s

Loading A View Controller - Part 1

03m 11s

Loading A View Controller - Part 2

04m 54s

Loading A View Controller - Part 3

04m 6s

Loading A View Controller - Part 4

02m 20s

Using Tint Colors

03m 8s

Chapter: Using Navigation Controllers

Using A Navigation Controller

04m 10s

Setting Up The Navigation Controller

02m 7s

Embedding View Controllers In Navigation Controllers

04m 4s

Customizing The Navigation Item

04m 11s

Chapter: Building Bar Button Items

Exploring Bar Button Items

02m 11s

Creating An Edit And Done Button

05m 19s

Using setEditing

03m 47s

Chapter: Using Buttons

Using Button Basics

04m 8s

Using Bar Button Item Basics

05m 33s

Changing Button Text And Labels

04m 20s

Adjusting Button Colors And Images

03m 6s

Enabling And Disabling Buttons

06m 12s

Chapter: Using Asset Catalogs

Looking At Icons And Images

04m 3s

Introducing Asset Catalogs

02m 42s

Building Image Sets

05m 54s

Creating A Launch Image

05m 20s

Comparing Content With Controls

02m 35s

Working With Points And Pixels

04m 5s

Chapter: Using Bars

Working With Tab Bars

04m 14s

Using Toolbars

03m 13s

Adding a Second Tab Bar Item

04m 7s

Chapter: Using Alerts/Sheets And Modal Views

Using Alerts

04m 17s

Building An Alert - Part 1

02m 53s

Building An Alert - Part 2

03m 40s

Using Styles In An Alert

02m 12s

Using Action Sheets

01m 50s

Adding A Handler

02m 26s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

03m 46s