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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Overview

Introduction And Prerequisites

03m 2s

Topics Covered

04m 22s

Changes From The Previous Exam

05m 6s

Overview Of Cisco Certifications

05m 57s

About The Author

02m 26s

Chapter: Network And Switching Basics

Overview Of Network Design - Part 1

07m 12s

Overview Of Network Design - Part 2

05m 31s

Overview Of Network Design - Part 3

06m 2s

Overview Of Switch Technology - Part 1

03m 46s

Overview Of Switch Technology - Part 2

05m 15s

Internal Switch Tables - Part 1

06m 3s

Internal Switch Tables - Part 2

05m 1s

Internal Switch Tables - Part 3

04m 59s

Internal Switch Tables - Part 4

07m 11s

Chapter: Ethernet Basics

Lab Hardware Overview

04m 48s

Ethernet Technologies

04m 18s

Switch Port Configuration Basics

06m 16s

Switch Port Error Recovery

05m 41s

Cisco Discovery Protocol

06m 42s

Link Layer Discovery Protocol

03m 41s

Chapter: Virtual LANs (VLANs)

What Is A VLAN?

04m 25s

Configuring Basic VLANs

05m 54s

Trunking VLAN Traffic Between Switches

05m 15s

Dynamic Trunking Protocol

06m 30s

Configuring VLAN Trunks - Part 1

06m 16s

Configuring VLAN Trunks - Part 2

04m 30s

Configuring VLAN Trunks - Part 3

05m 48s

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) - Part 1

04m 16s

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) - Part 2

05m 41s

Configuring VTP - Part 1

05m 8s

Configuring VTP - Part 2

06m 24s

Configuring VTP - Part 3

04m 11s

Removing Unwanted VLANs - Part 1

05m 52s

Removing Unwanted VLANs - Part 2

05m 15s

Chapter: Spanning Tree Basics

Layer 2 Redundancy

07m 7s

Spanning Tree Overview

07m 17s

STP Root Bridge Selection Process - Part 1

06m 37s

STP Root Bridge Selection Process - Part 2

06m 40s

Basic STP Configuration

06m 48s

STP Timers And Convergence

05m 1s

STP Convergence Lab

06m 9s

Per-VLAN Spanning Tree

04m 22s

Cisco Extensions To STP - Part 1

04m 2s

Cisco Extensions To STP - Part 2

03m 25s

Rapid Spanning Tree - Part 1

03m 47s

Rapid Spanning Tree - Part 2

07m 9s

Rapid Spanning Tree Configuration

07m 8s

RSTP Convergence Lab

03m 50s

Chapter: Advanced Spanning Tree

Controlling BPDUs On The Network - Part 1

04m 59s

Controlling BPDU On The Network - Part 2

07m 10s

Configuring Root Guard

06m 42s

Configuring BPDU Guard

04m 21s

Configuring BPDU Filtering

05m 13s

Configuring Loop Guard

04m 52s

Configuring UDLD

05m 9s

MST Overview - Part 1

05m 11s

MST Overview - Part 2

06m 19s

Configuring MST - Part 1

05m 2s

Configuring MST - Part 2

06m 2s

Chapter: Link Aggregation With EtherChannel

EtherChannel Overview

06m 30s

EtherChannel Load Balancing And Protocols

07m 13s

Configuring EtherChannel - Part 1

07m 34s

Configuring EtherChannel - Part 2

05m 35s

Configuring EtherChannel - Part 3

05m 48s

Configuring EtherChannel - Part 4

03m 54s

Chapter: Inter-VLAN Routing

Overview Of Inter-VLAN Routing

06m 37s

Configuring Router On A Stick - Part 1

04m 7s

Configuring Router On A Stick - Part 2

05m 5s

Configuring SVIs

05m 29s

Cisco Express Forwarding

07m 23s

Lab - Cisco Express Forwarding

03m 30s

Chapter: High Availability

High Availability Overview

05m 27s

HSRP Overview - Part 1

04m 53s

HSRP Overview - Part 2

06m 52s

Lab - HSRP Configuration - Part 1

05m 28s

Lab - HSRP Configuration - Part 2

07m 7s

VRRP Overview

03m 33s

Lab - VRRP Configuration

06m 37s

Advanced HSRP/VRRP Scenarios

06m 56s

GLBP Overview - Part 1

05m 4s

GLBP Overview - Part 2

06m 41s

GLBP Configuration - Part 1

06m 16s

GLBP Configuration - Part 2

06m 17s

Switch Hardware Redundancy

05m 45s

Switch Supervisor Redundancy - Part 1

04m 3s

Switch Supervisor Redundancy - Part 2

06m 19s

Chapter: Switch Security

Overview Of Switch Security - Part 1

05m 9s

Overview Of Switch Security - Part 2

03m 59s

Port Security Overview

06m 36s

Port Security Configuration

03m 39s

DHCP Snooping Overview

04m 45s

DHCP Snooping Lab - Part 1

05m 11s

DHCP Snooping Lab - Part 2

06m 50s

Dynamic ARP Inspection Overview

04m 15s

Dynamic ARP Inspection Configuration

05m 19s

IP Source Guard

05m 7s

Storm Control

06m 3s

Chapter: Network Security

Network Security Overview

05m 32s


05m 57s

Private VLAN Overview

04m 55s

Private VLAN Configuration - Part 1

05m 45s

Private VLAN Configuration - Part 2

04m 36s

Protecting VLAN Trunks

05m 39s

Monitoring Traffic With Span Ports

07m 19s

Configuring Span Ports

05m 26s

Chapter: Switch Authentication

Switch Security Using AAA - Part 1

04m 42s

Switch Security Using AAA - Part 2

04m 28s

Configuring AAA Authentication - Part 1

05m 2s

Configuring AAA Authentication - Part 2

04m 46s

802.1X Security

04m 16s

Security Best Practices

07m 50s

Chapter: DHCP On Switches

DHCPv4 Overview

06m 43s

Configuring DHCPv4

04m 54s

DHCPv6 Overview

04m 7s

Configuring DHCPv6

04m 17s

Chapter: Wrapping It All Up

Review Of Concepts

08m 7s