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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To Big Data

Introduction To The Course

00m 58s

About The Author

01m 20s

Big Data Challenges

02m 4s

Big Data Characteristics

05m 50s

Problems In Capitalizing On Big Data

03m 9s

Solving Big Data Problems

02m 9s

The Challenges Of Relational Databases

03m 37s

Chapter: MapReduce And Hadoop

MapReduce And Hadoop

02m 27s

MapReduce Algorithm

06m 7s

Introducing Hadoop

03m 26s

Chapter: Hadoop Distributed File System

Hadoop Distributed File System

05m 41s

Interacting With HDFS

02m 56s

Chapter: Hadoop Infrastructure

Hadoop Infrastructure

03m 48s


02m 19s

Chapter: Programming Hadoop

Programming Hadoop

04m 54s

Chapter: Hive


06m 11s

Hive Architecture

04m 44s

Hive Data Model

05m 19s

Hive Queries

03m 8s

When To Use Hive

03m 5s

Chapter: Pig


03m 1s

Pig Data Model

03m 30s

Pig Latin

05m 56s

Pig Example

03m 39s

When To Use Pig

03m 12s

Chapter: Scalding


03m 14s

Programming With Scalding

05m 42s

When To Use Scalding

02m 46s

Chapter: Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop Ecosystem

08m 49s


08m 18s

When To Use HBase

02m 7s

Beyond Classic Hadoop - Spark And Flink

07m 15s

Chapter: NoSQL

NoSQL Stores

07m 47s

Key-Value Stores

02m 51s

Columnar Stores

03m 24s

Document Stores

02m 35s

Graph Stores

02m 27s

Data Modeling For NoSQL Stores

03m 33s

Chapter: Streaming


01m 58s


03m 44s

Spark And Flink Streaming

02m 8s

Lambda Architecture

02m 50s

Chapter: Big Data And NoSQL In The Enterprise

Introducing Big Data And NoSQL In The Enterprise

06m 33s

Polyglot Persistence

05m 26s

Seven Habits Of Successful Big Data And NoSQL Projects

02m 40s

Chapter: Wrap Up


00m 17s