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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction - What To Expect From This Course

01m 14s

About The Author

03m 59s

Course Overview

04m 11s

CompTIA Certification

05m 31s

Why Network+?

03m 35s

What To Expect On The Exam

06m 10s

Exam Prep And Execution

06m 32s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Networking Basics

Standards And Theory

05m 40s

The OSI Model - Part 1

06m 11s

The OSI Model - Part 2

06m 32s

Frames/Packets And Data

04m 34s

Decimal And Binary Numbers

06m 44s

Hexadecimal Numbers

05m 34s

CSMA/CD And CSMA/CA - Part 1

05m 54s

CSMA/CD And CSMA/CA - Part 2

03m 25s


05m 35s


06m 17s

Chapter: Networks

Network Types

06m 32s


05m 52s


05m 1s


05m 48s

Network Topologies - Part 1

06m 23s

Network Topologies - Part 2

06m 24s


03m 7s

Chapter: Network Devices

Hubs And Switches

06m 9s


04m 45s


05m 24s


05m 46s


06m 30s

Content Filters

04m 16s

Chapter: Cabling And Connections

Network Cables

05m 2s

Cable Types

05m 59s

Twisted Pair Cables

04m 52s

Cat Categories

05m 39s

PVC Or Plenum

05m 43s

Coaxial Cable

04m 44s

Copper Connectors

04m 9s

Straight/Cross Or Roll

05m 43s

Fiber Cabling

05m 25s

Fiber Connectors

06m 15s

Media Converters

03m 28s

Cabling Tools

06m 18s

Chapter: WAN Technologies

WAN Technologies Basics

03m 25s

WAN Connection Types

05m 5s

WAN Connection Technologies

05m 8s

Chapter: Network Addressing

Addressing Basics

04m 46s

IPv4 And IPv6

06m 24s

IPv4 Addressing - Part 1

05m 1s

IPv4 Addressing - Part 2

04m 37s

IPv4 Address Classes

03m 24s


04m 13s

Subnetting - Part 1

06m 37s

Subnetting - Part 2

06m 14s

Subnetting - Part 3

03m 43s

Subnet Mask Notation

06m 15s

Static IP Addresses

05m 52s

Unicast/Broadcast And Multicast

05m 5s

Private IPv4 Addresses

02m 30s

Using A Programmer Calculator

03m 19s

IPv6 Addressing

05m 36s

IPv6 Address Types

05m 42s

Default Port Numbers

04m 17s

Chapter: Network Services

Understanding DHCP

06m 7s

DHCP In Action

07m 3s

DHCP Relay Agent

03m 52s

DHCP Client

02m 52s

Understanding DNS

05m 12s

DNS Structure

06m 24s

DNS Record Types

02m 40s


06m 1s

Chapter: Network Routing

Basics Of Routing

06m 28s

Static Versus Dynamic Routes

03m 8s

Dynamic Routing Protocols

04m 25s

Distance Vector Protocols

04m 24s

Link State Protocols

02m 55s

Chapter: Network Operations

Monitoring The Network

06m 10s

Monitoring Tools

06m 12s

Performance Monitor

04m 26s

Network Documentation

05m 4s

Patches And Updates

06m 0s

Chapter: Switch Configuration

Understanding VLANS

04m 55s

VLAN Membership

03m 27s

Spanning Tree Protocol

05m 29s

Switch Configuration Options

04m 48s


03m 13s

Chapter: Wireless Networking

Wireless Basics

04m 9s


05m 57s


04m 44s

Wireless Channels

03m 43s

Wireless Standards

05m 44s

SSID Options

03m 36s

Chapter: Network Security

Attacks And Threats

06m 27s

Dealing With Vulnerabilities

04m 52s

Wireless Security

06m 10s

User Authentication

06m 16s


06m 6s

Secure Protocols

03m 42s

Firewalls And DMZ

06m 17s

Chapter: Networking In The Cloud

Understanding The Cloud

05m 46s

Cloud Service Models

03m 58s

Understanding Virtualization

05m 8s

Storage Options

05m 56s

Chapter: Network Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting Methodology

06m 27s

Command Line Tools

06m 37s

Command Line Tools Demo

06m 43s

Common Cabling Issues

06m 13s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

05m 1s