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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

About The Course

02m 38s

About The Author

02m 53s

What Is A Data Warehouse?

03m 52s

Comparing Operational Applications And Data Warehouses

04m 31s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Data Warehouse Overview

Development Approach

03m 7s

Data Sources

02m 26s

Staging Tables

01m 28s

Data Warehouse Model

06m 57s

Data Warehouse Design

03m 7s

Data Warehouse Data

02m 41s

End User Access, Old Data, And Metadata Management

01m 21s

Introduction To The Case Study

01m 53s

Chapter: Data Sources

Data Modeling Review - Part 1

04m 48s

Data Modeling Review - Part 2

03m 29s

Data Sources Overview

02m 3s

Source Data: Menu Definition

02m 12s

Source Data: Miscellaneous Metadata

01m 50s

Source Data: Customer Order

02m 16s

Source Data: Customer Account

01m 36s

Source Data: Customer Prospect

00m 31s

Source Data: Vendor Procurement

01m 58s

Case Study: Assess Source Data

06m 36s

Chapter: Staging Tables

Staging Tables Overview

03m 58s

Case Study: Create Staging Model

05m 13s

Chapter: Data Warehouse Modeling Basics

The Star Schema

06m 10s


03m 27s


05m 3s

Surrogate Keys

03m 36s

The Bus Architecture

02m 52s

Dimensional Modeling And Agile Development

01m 2s

Practical Tips

02m 44s

Self Assessment Test

06m 39s

Case Study: Business Requirements

05m 4s

Case Study: Bus Architecture

04m 43s

Chapter: Recurrent Dimensions


05m 44s


02m 53s


05m 48s


01m 40s


03m 14s

Unit of Measure

03m 20s


02m 45s


02m 38s


01m 14s

Case Study: Initial Warehouse Model - Part 1

06m 1s

Case Study: Initial Warehouse Model - Part 2

03m 57s

Case Study: Initial Warehouse Model - Part 3

02m 36s

Chapter: DW Modeling - Advanced Dimension

Kinds of Conformed Dimensions

01m 45s

Junk Dimension

05m 14s

Degenerate Dimension

05m 19s

Slowly Changing Dimension - Part 1

07m 39s

Slowly Changing Dimension - Part 2

05m 31s

Snowflake, Outrigger, and Bridge

04m 24s

Swappable Dimension

02m 16s

Master Dimension

01m 26s


07m 3s

Practical Tips

02m 35s

Self Assessment Test

09m 9s

Case Study: Elaborate Dimensions

03m 18s

Chapter: DW Modeling - Advanced Fact

Kinds Of Facts

01m 30s

Transaction Fact

02m 27s

Periodic Snapshot

01m 31s

Accumulating Snapshot

01m 51s

Aggregate Fact

01m 35s

Consolidated Fact

01m 5s

Practical Tips

01m 10s

Case Study: Elaborate Facts

04m 22s

Chapter: Data Warehouse Modeling Recap

Warehouse Modeling Review

01m 46s

Common Warehouse Modeling Mistakes

02m 41s

Chapter: Data Warehouse Design

Conceptual, Logical, Physical Models

00m 55s

System Attributes - Part 1

06m 21s

System Attributes - Part 2

04m 56s

Data Types And Domains

07m 33s


09m 52s


03m 2s

Data Warehouse Tuning - Part 1

03m 38s

Data Warehouse Tuning - Part 2

08m 57s

Views - Part 1

09m 24s

Views - Part 2

05m 3s

Miscellaneous Aspects Of Design

02m 40s

Practical Tips

01m 49s

Self Assessment Test

04m 48s

Case Study: Create Staging SQL

02m 14s

Case Study: Execute Staging SQL

07m 28s

Case Study: Create Warehouse SQL

07m 45s

Case Study: Execute Warehouse SQL

01m 26s

Chapter: Data Warehouse Data

Warehouse Data Overview

01m 59s

Source-To-Target Mappings

12m 17s

Data Profiling

12m 55s

Loading Staging Tables - Part 1

10m 37s

Loading Staging Tables - Part 2

07m 52s

Loading The Date and Time Dimensions - Part 1

11m 6s

Loading The Date and Time Dimensions - Part 2

05m 32s

Initial Warehouse Loading: Dimensions

13m 28s

Initial Warehouse Loading: Facts

15m 29s

Updating The Warehouse

02m 6s

Warehouse Data Processing And Agile Development

01m 55s

Case Study: Load Warehouse Data

01m 50s

Chapter: End User Access

End User Access Overview

04m 29s

Case Study: Analyze Data - Part 1

12m 50s

Case Study: Analyze Data - Part 2

10m 34s

Chapter: Data And Metadata Management

Offload Of Old Data

02m 6s

Metadata Management

02m 43s

Chapter: Conclusion

Course Wrap-Up

04m 42s