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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Overview And About The Author

03m 35s

Prerequisites And Environment Setup

03m 37s

Project Description

01m 53s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: ORM Customization

Custom Managers

02m 57s

Custom Querysets

04m 29s

Aggregation And Annotation

06m 24s

Chapter: Admin Customization

Customizing Admin Listing

07m 15s

Adding New Admin Filters

05m 1s

Adding New Admin Actions

05m 23s

Testing Admin Customization

08m 23s

Chapter: Management Commands

Writing A Management Command

06m 50s

Adding Command Options And Flags

04m 48s

Testing Management Commands

05m 25s

Running Management Commands With Cron

08m 37s

Chapter: Views And Templates

Building Base Template

06m 13s

Static Files Configuration

06m 33s

Template Inheritance Patterns

05m 53s

Unit Testing Views

04m 12s

Chapter: AJAX With Django

JSON Views

04m 14s

Client-Side Requests With jQuery

05m 26s

Passing Variables From Django To The Client

04m 59s

Filtering With Django-Filter

04m 27s

Chapter: Migrations

Migration Basics

04m 0s

Multi-Step Migrations

06m 40s

Updating Code Base For Model Adjustments

05m 44s

Squashing Migrations

06m 17s

Chapter: User Input

Form Views

05m 9s

Form Rendering

03m 52s

Multiple Model Updates With Formsets

05m 44s

Testing Forms

07m 40s

Chapter: User Management

Built-In Views - Login And Logout

03m 43s

Built-In Views - Password Change

03m 15s

New User Creation

04m 53s

Chapter: Asynchronous Tasks With Celery

Motivation, Celery And RabbitMQ Setup

09m 33s

Creating A Task

05m 5s

Running Periodic Tasks

04m 55s

Monitoring Celery

05m 13s

Chapter: Settings And Configuration

Environment Settings

06m 31s

Logging Configuration

05m 22s

Security Related Settings

06m 50s

Chapter: Code Quality

Checking Test Coverage

04m 53s

Static Python Analysis With Flake8

04m 28s

Static JS Analysis With JSHint

03m 47s

Chapter: Conclusion


03m 33s

Wrap Up

01m 52s