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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Data-Driven Documents - D3.js

Author and Course Introduction

02m 17s

Setting Up a Development Environment

03m 58s

Driving a Document with Data – Manually

05m 28s

Chapter: Driving an HTML Table

Creating an HTML Table from the Spreadsheet Data

05m 27s

Filtering Data in an HTML Table

05m 41s

Sorting by Columns

02m 43s

Striping the Table

03m 20s

Chapter: Graphing the Data

Creating a Bar Chart

04m 42s

Scaling the Graph

02m 58s

Adding the X and Y Axes

03m 24s

Animating the Graph

02m 0s

Chapter: Dealing with Dates and Interacting with Charts for Detail

Transforming Data

06m 18s

Drawing Lines

07m 32s

Formatting the Date Axis

02m 44s

Adding a Legend

06m 45s

Ranking Teams

03m 22s

Viewing Details

04m 41s

Chapter: Collating Everything Together

Navigating the Site

05m 48s

Chapter: Partying with Third-party Layouts

Creating a Word Cloud

09m 18s

Adding a Sunburst

09m 28s

Displaying Details

05m 33s

Labeling Sunburst Arcs

06m 2s