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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Gulp

Course Overview

02m 33s

Setting Up Gulp

01m 38s

Writing Your First Task

02m 46s

Task Dependencies

02m 51s

Watching Files with Gulp

01m 58s

Chapter: Running Common Tasks

Optimizing CSS, JavaScript, and Images

03m 32s

Outputting Minified and Unminified Files

02m 13s

Using htmlbuild

02m 59s

Testing the Code

03m 0s

Using Preprocessors such as CoffeeScript and LESS

03m 9s

Using LiveReload

03m 14s

Chapter: Digging Deeper

An Overview of Streams

03m 26s

Handling Errors

02m 7s

Writing a Plugin

04m 37s

Wrapping Up

01m 5s