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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation

Installing the Alfresco Bundle Package

03m 40s

Migrating Content

04m 34s

Configuring Lucene

02m 12s

Configuring PostgreSQL

02m 41s

Validating and Configuring on "Day Zero"

03m 53s

Chapter: Customization

Override the Alfresco Share Login Page

01m 49s

Customizing Alfresco Explorer

02m 46s

Adding Custom AMP Packages

02m 38s

Adding Custom Libraries

02m 16s

Adding Java Backed Web Scripts

02m 30s

Chapter: Automation

Scheduling a Custom Action

02m 57s

Adding Content Rules

02m 14s

Scheduling Automatic e-mails

03m 1s

Scheduling Alfresco Restarts and Backups

01m 40s

Using Cron

01m 1s

Chapter: Web Scripts

Creating a Simple Web Script

03m 26s

Advanced Web Script Techniques

01m 22s

JSON Web Script Response

01m 16s

Using an XML Configuration File to Customize a Web Script

01m 40s

Styling FreeMarker Templates

01m 22s

Chapter: Integration

Exposing Web Services

01m 13s

Using Servlets

01m 23s

External Authentication

01m 54s

Connecting to a Remote Alfresco through Share

01m 44s

Integrating Google Docs

01m 56s

Chapter: Cloud Connected Content

Obtaining an API Developer Key

02m 29s

Using Alfresco Cloud

01m 41s

Accessing and Editing Content through CMIS or WebDAV

02m 13s

Integration with External Productivity Apps

01m 45s

Publishing Content to New Social Media Channels

01m 58s

Chapter: CMIS

CMIS Queries

02m 5s

CMIS Services

02m 11s

Using the Alfresco OpenCMIS Extension

01m 50s

Creating a Document with Aspects via CMIS

01m 17s

Building a Dynamic CMIS Query

01m 18s

Chapter: Share Customization

Adding Content to Dashboard

03m 12s

Share Document Library Web Tier

02m 13s

Share Document Library Repository Tier

04m 3s

Action Extensions

02m 24s

NodeLocator Service

01m 38s

Chapter: Share Extensibility

Overriding the Share Login Page

01m 35s

JAR Deployment

04m 9s

Customizing the JavaScript Controllers

01m 50s

Customizing the FreeMarker Templates

01m 58s

Creating an Extension Module

01m 19s