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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


02m 27s

About The Author

00m 55s

Chapter: Resources

AWS Economics And TCO Website

04m 19s

AWS Products And Services Website

03m 13s

AWS Architecture Website

02m 50s

AWS Marketplace

03m 57s

AWS Support

05m 24s


03m 34s

AWS Events

02m 1s

Chapter: Business Considerations

AWS Agreements, Terms And Acceptable Usage

05m 3s

Resource Consumption Models

10m 19s

Chapter: Design Principles And Patterns

Cloud Concepts

09m 3s

An Introduction To Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - VPC

08m 58s

VPC Design Patterns

12m 15s

Integration Strategies For On-Premise IT

05m 16s

Chapter: Availability

Estimating Application Availability

12m 14s

Geographic Distribution Of Resources

07m 17s

Highly Available NAT Or Proxy

10m 28s

Self-Healing Resources

11m 50s


08m 23s

Chapter: Cost Optimisation

Pilot Light Architectures

08m 57s

Platform As A Service - PaaS

06m 34s

Server-Less Architectures

05m 35s

Event Driven Architectures

06m 21s

Environment Based Scaling

09m 29s

Chapter: Performance

Amazon CloudWatch

11m 24s

Amazon Compute Services

10m 12s

Amazon Storage And Content Delivery Services

07m 0s

Amazon Database Services

11m 43s

Chapter: Scalability

AWS Service Limits

06m 22s

Amazon Compute Services

09m 1s

Amazon Storage And Content Delivery Services

07m 19s

Amazon Database Services

07m 8s

Chapter: Durability

Recovery Point Objective

08m 26s

Chapter: Security

Governance, Risk And Compliance

08m 6s

Network Access ControLs - ACLs

06m 35s

The Shared Responsibility Model

08m 25s

Security Groups

08m 40s

Identity And Access Management

15m 27s

S3 Bucket Policies

09m 46s

Multi-Factor Authentication

06m 11s

Cross AWS Account Access

06m 54s


10m 9s

Perimeter Security

09m 46s

Monitoring And Alerting

11m 21s

Infrastructure As Code

09m 20s


12m 1s

Chapter: Operations

Amazon Deployment And Management Services

10m 47s

Chapter: Conclusion


00m 58s