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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

06m 27s

Chapter: Fundamentals

Built-in Data Types

22m 3s

API Operations

04m 50s

Analysis Techniques

18m 14s

Design Principles for Data Structures

16m 59s

Chapter: Ubiquitous Lists

Using lists to Implement Stack

13m 18s

Principle: Separate Structure from Function

03m 48s

Example: Circular Buffer

24m 24s

Project: Moving Average / Stdev

12m 55s

Chapter: Pointer Structures

Linked Lists

17m 17s


06m 23s

Project: Detect Cycles in Linked List

04m 14s

Prefix Tree

15m 15s

Chapter: Recursive Structures

Binary Tree

22m 57s

Implementation of Remove

11m 17s

Binary Tree Retrieval Methods

08m 39s


06m 22s

Binary Tree Extension

09m 41s

Balancing Binary Trees

26m 3s

Chapter: Heap-based Structures

Heaps and heapq

21m 4s

Project: Huffman Encoded

12m 51s

Binary Heap

14m 18s

Chapter: Graph Representation

Graphs with Adjacency Matrices

17m 9s

Graphs with Adjacency Lists

07m 26s

Third Party Python Libraries

08m 12s

Chapter: Spatial Data Structures


19m 10s


12m 55s