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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To The Course

01m 35s

About The Author

01m 44s

Chapter: Advanced Networking With Hyper-V

Understanding SR-IOV

06m 0s

Understanding VMQ

04m 8s

Using VMQ

02m 25s

Understanding RSS And vRSS

05m 47s

NIC Teaming Overview

06m 40s

Deploying And Configuring NIC Teaming

05m 32s

Deploying NIC Teaming With SCVMM

03m 56s

Types Of Network Used With Hyper-V

06m 46s

Types Of Virtual Network Adapter

06m 6s

Adding vmNICs To VMs

08m 28s

Performing vmNIC Configurations

05m 5s

Using Message Analyzer To View Network Traffic

05m 36s

Chapter: Advanced Virtual Storage

Types Of Storage Usable By Hyper-V

06m 29s

VHDX Maintenance Actions

08m 33s

Performing Dynamic VHDX Resize

06m 46s

Storage Spaces Overview

07m 34s

Types Of Storage Space

03m 24s

Creating A Storage Space

03m 54s

Creating A Storage Space With PowerShell

04m 0s

Using Clustered Storage Spaces

03m 41s

Introduction To SMB 3

09m 30s

Using SMB 3 With Hyper-V

05m 59s

Overview Of iSCSI

06m 26s

Virtual Fibre Channel Overview

04m 52s

Implementing Virtual Fibre Channel

04m 16s

Troubleshooting Virtual Fibre Channel

03m 2s

Shared VHDX Overview

04m 24s

Using Shared VHDX

03m 2s

Overview Of Data Deduplication

03m 5s

Using Data Deduplication With Hyper-V

05m 52s

Understanding Quality Of Service

04m 47s

Deploying Quality Of Service With Hyper-V

04m 3s

Managing SANs With SCVMM

04m 13s

Chapter: Creating And Using Hyper-V Templates

Template Overview

04m 22s

Understanding And Using SYSPREP

09m 25s

Options To Maintain Template VHDs

07m 42s

Manually Deploying VMs For Hyper-V

04m 11s

Using SCVMM To Create Templates

08m 8s

Creating A New Template In SCVMM

07m 30s

Deploying A VM From A Template In SCVMM

07m 9s

Introduction To Hyper-V Integration Services

03m 26s

Installing Hyper-V Integration Services

07m 13s

Types Of Hyper-V Integration Service

10m 36s

Migration Of OS Instances To Hyper-V

03m 23s

Using MVMC

10m 52s

Using Microsoft Migration Accelerator

03m 33s

Utilizing Microsoft Assessment And Planning Toolkit

08m 17s

Upgrading Previous Versions Of Hyper-V

09m 45s

Chapter: Tuning And Resource Management With Hyper-V

Planning Resource Requirements For Hyper-V Environments

05m 40s

Review Of Hyper-V Capacity Limits

06m 14s

Viewing Resource Utilization Of VMs

12m 22s

Overview Of Resource Metering

01m 13s

Deploying Resource Metering

01m 57s

Viewing Resource Metering Usage

05m 14s

Monitoring Hyper-V Environments

05m 23s

Chapter: Failover Clustering With Hyper-V

Overview Of High Availability Requirements

02m 19s

Review Of Failover Clustering

07m 26s

Understanding How Hyper-V Uses Failover Clustering

01m 52s

Enabling The Failover Cluster Feature

03m 38s

Making A Hyper-V VM Highly Available

03m 1s

Managing Hyper-V VMs Through Failover Cluster Manager

01m 29s

Features Enabled For Hyper-V Through Failover Clustering

06m 38s

Types Of Quorum In Failover Clustering

05m 46s

Configuring The Live Migration Network In A Hyper-V Cluster

02m 33s

Overview Of Cluster Shared Volumes

07m 58s

Using Cluster Shared Volumes

04m 12s

Chapter: Hyper-V Live Migration

Overview Of Live Migration

04m 28s

Requirements For Live Migration

01m 44s

Performing A Live Migration

02m 47s

Overview Of Live Storage Move

03m 6s

Performing A Live Storage Move

04m 52s

Overview And Configuring Hyper-V For Shared Nothing Live Migration

09m 48s

Performing A Shared Nothing Live Migration

01m 30s

Chapter: Hyper-V Replica

Disaster Recovery Overview

05m 57s

Hyper-V Replica Overview

05m 41s

Enabling Hyper-V Replica

09m 2s

Replicating A VM With Hyper-V Replica

07m 14s

Types Of Hyper-V Replica Failover

06m 1s

Troubleshooting Hyper-V Replica

03m 51s

Overview Of Azure Site Recovery

08m 25s

Replicating Hyper-V VMs To Azure

04m 15s

Chapter: Remote Desktop

Overview Of Remote Desktop Services

04m 44s

How Hyper-V Fits In A Remote Desktop Services Solution

04m 7s

Overview Of RemoteFX

03m 43s

Enabling RemoteFX

02m 23s

Example Of RemoteFX In Action

04m 20s

Chapter: Closing Thoughts

Wrap Up

01m 40s