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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction and Review

A Quick Groovy Review

24m 5s

Chapter: Java and Groovy Together

Using Groovy POGOs in a Java Banking Example

14m 35s

Chapter: Parsing and Building

Using XmlSlurper and JsonSlurper

14m 13s


16m 30s

Demo: Using Flickr's API to Display Pictures

15m 2s

Demo: Open Weather

22m 7s

Chapter: Runtime Metaprogramming

The Metaclass/Adding Properties and Methods

07m 7s


08m 10s

Demo: Enhancing Existing Java Classes

12m 37s

Demo: Extra Logging Levels

13m 16s

Chapter: AST Transformations

Introduction to AST Transforms

04m 51s


08m 30s


08m 27s


03m 32s


06m 49s

@Builder, @TypeChecked, @Compile AST Transformations Wrap Up

12m 59s

Chapter: Tour of the Groovy JDK

Methods on Collections

09m 16s

Methods on Strings and Numbers

14m 12s

Combinations and Permutations

06m 18s

File I/O

13m 43s

Chapter: Operator Overloading

How Operators Map to Methods and Examples from the Groovy Libraries

08m 41s

Adding Operator Methods

12m 50s

Chapter: Groovy SQL

Accessing Databases

12m 57s

CRUD Methods

14m 28s

Calling Stored Procedures

13m 16s