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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction and Review

A Quick Groovy Review

21m 39s

Chapter: Unit Testing with the Spock Framework

Introduction to Spock

05m 59s

Blocks: expect

07m 7s

Blocks: when/then

10m 8s

Blocks: setup, cleanup, the old Method, and Exception Handling

07m 3s

Data-Driven Specs

09m 47s

Database-Driven Specs and Processed Inputs

08m 19s

Mocking Collaborators

15m 39s

Chapter: Groovy and the Spring Framework

POGOs as Spring Beans

18m 24s

Refreshable Beans

08m 45s

Groovy Aspects and Inline Scripted Beans

12m 23s

Grails and Spring

06m 35s

Groovy and Spring Boot

08m 35s

Chapter: JPA and Groovy

JPA and Groovy

10m 26s

Chapter: NoSQL and Groovy

NoSQL and Groovy

24m 32s

Chapter: Functional Programming in Groovy

Closures, Lambdas, and Currying

18m 52s

Map-filter-reduce and Inject

10m 46s

Immutable Objects

08m 3s

Composition, Method References, and Memoize

13m 18s

Chapter: Traits

Trait Basics

05m 52s

Multiple Traits, Traits with Properties, Conflicts, Runtime Traits, and Other Features

11m 56s

Chapter: Demonstrations

Demo: Creating a Range

09m 49s

Demo: Basic Authentication

07m 57s

Demo: Closure Coercion

13m 15s

Demo: Returning from Closures

11m 31s

Demo: Dates and Times

04m 35s

Chapter: RESTful Web Services

REST Principles

11m 45s

Groovy Clients for REST

08m 3s

Implementing RESTful Services Using JAX-RS

18m 8s

Customizing Messages with JsonBuilder and JsonSlurper

09m 8s

REST with Ratpack and Grails

09m 23s

Course Wrap Up

01m 46s