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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What's All This?

04m 15s

Sample App And Cast Of Characters

03m 6s

Sample App

05m 17s

About The Author

01m 27s

How To Access The Working Files

02m 14s

Chapter: The Stack And The Toolchain - Bootstrap

Requirements Check And Stack Overview

03m 35s

Leiningen Introduction

04m 4s


04m 2s

Ring And Pedestal Introduction

03m 30s


05m 59s

Chapter: Doing Useful Stuff With The Basic Framework

Pedestal Orientation

03m 31s

More Pedestal And Ring

03m 40s

Maps And JSON In Clojure

03m 45s

Add A GET Endpoint

03m 6s

Add A Parameterized GET

03m 37s

Add A POST Endpoint With Some Payload

03m 44s

LightTable And The nRepl To Make Live Changes

04m 50s

Chapter: Persistence

Basic Setup For Persistence - Part 1

03m 6s

Basic Setup For Persistence - Part 2

03m 36s

Supporting POST

04m 41s

Basic Queries

03m 43s

Chapter: More Things Most Microservices Need

Protecting Your Endpoints With A Simple API Key Strategy

05m 13s

Using HTTP Client - Part 1

03m 24s

Using HTTP Client - Part 2

04m 4s

Using HTTP Client For POST

04m 17s

Brief Look At XML In Clojure - Part 1

04m 57s

Brief Look At XML In Clojure - Part 2

05m 8s

Chapter: Java Interop And Other Useful Things

Namespaces And Require

03m 15s

Java Interop

03m 32s

Connecting To Libraries

03m 17s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

04m 24s