Books & Videos

Table of Contents

Introduction - Large-scale real time stream processing and analytics at Strata+Hadoop World - Ben Lorica

01m 8s

Going Real-time: Data Collection and Stream Processing with Apache Kafka - Jay Kreps

39m 28s

Say goodbye to batch - Tyler Akidau (Google)

42m 35s

Stream Processing Everywhere - What to Use? - Jim Scott

39m 6s

From Source to Solution: Building A System for Machine and Event-Oriented Data - Eric Sammer

41m 58s

Spark Streaming - The State of the Union, and Beyond - Tathagata Das

36m 45s

Dynamic Events in Massive Data Streams, from Astrophysics to Marketing Automation - Kirk Borne

40m 6s

TSAR (the TimeSeries AggregatoR) - How to Count Tens of Billions of Daily Events in Real Time Using Open Source Technologies - Anirudh Todi

41m 28s

Streaming Analytics: It’s Not The Same Game - Subutai Ahmad

38m 46s

Realtime Data Analysis Patterns - Mikio Braun (streamdrill)

39m 23s

The IoT P2P Backbone - Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz

27m 4s

Practical Methods for Identifying Anomalies That Matter in Large Datasets - Robert Grossman

36m 42s