Books & Videos

Table of Contents

Introduction - Building big data platforms at Strata+Hadoop World - Ben Lorica

00m 53s

Big Data at Netflix: Faster and Easier - Kurt Brown

40m 26s

Building Interactive Data Applications at Scale - Fangjin Yang and Vadim Ogievetsky

42m 56s

Open Source Real Time BI using Storm, Hadoop, Titan, Druid & D3 - Anil Madan

50m 36s

Building Real-time Data Products at LinkedIn with Apache Samza - Martin Kleppmann

49m 41s

An Open Source Approach to Gathering and Analyzing Device Sourced Health Data - Ian Eslick

41m 40s

Ticketmaster: Marketing and Selling the World's Tickets - John Carnahan

39m 34s

Unlocking Big Data at CERN - Matthias Braeger and Manish Devgan

41m 13s

Unboxing Data Startups - Michael Abbott

38m 50s