Books & Videos

Table of Contents

Introduction - Security, Privacy, and Governance at Strata + Hadoop World - Ben Lorica

01m 7s

Data Science vs. The Bad Guys: Using Data to Defend LinkedIn Against Fraud and Abuse - David Freeman

29m 48s

Secure Machine Learning - Bahman Bahmani

40m 10s

The Future of Apache Hadoop Security - Joey Echeverria

35m 30s

Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection with Sqrrl and Spark - Adam Fuchs

43m 40s

Getting Started with Data Governance: Paths Converge from Multiple Starting Points - Paula Wiles Sigmon

40m 31s

Data Governance for Regulated Industries - Amir Halfon (ScalingData)

28m 11s

Why Should Anyone Care at All about Privacy, Privacy Engineering, or Data? - Michelle Dennedy

44m 12s

A Framework of Purpose and Consent for Data Security and Consumer Privacy - Aurelie Pols (Mind Your Group)

35m 32s