Books & Videos

Table of Contents

Introduction - Design and Data - Ben Lorica

00m 51s

Designing with Data: A Human-centered Approach to Data-driven Design - Arianna McClain and Coe Leta Stafford

36m 12s

What Designers and Data Scientists Can Learn from Each Other - Danyel Fisher and Miriah Meyer

30m 24s

Data (Art &) Science - Eric Colson

40m 36s

Humanizing Data - Building Systems and Interfaces for Domain Experts - Ari Gesher and James Thompson

41m 8s

Designing for Data - Etan Lightstone

31m 2s

Architecting Interfaces that Learn - Tye Rattenbury and Jeffrey Heer

36m 43s

Designing Delightful Data Products - Alonzo Canada

30m 32s

The Human-Data Interface: How to Design for “Irrational” Data Consumers - Cathy Tanimura

40m 37s