Books & Videos

Table of Contents

Introduction - Hardcore Data Science NYC 2014 - Ben Lorica

01m 7s

Doing the Impossible (Almost) - Ted Dunning

24m 22s

Tupleware: Redefining Modern Analytics - Tim Kraska

29m 5s

Data Science for Humans, Not Robots - Alice Zheng

22m 39s

Big Data: Efficient Collection and Processing - Anna Gilbert

42m 22s

Computational Problems in Managing Social Information - Jon Kleinberg

51m 26s

Small Data Problems - Kira Radinsky

23m 26s

Building and Deploying Large-scale Machine Learning Pipelines Using the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack - Ben Recht

28m 4s

Learning About Music and Listeners - Brian Whitman

29m 58s

Statistical Topic Modeling - Hanna Wallach

28m 48s

The Aha! Moment: From Data to Insight - Dafna Shahaf

26m 32s