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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Overview

02m 39s

Application Layout

01m 45s

Introducing Sencha Cmd

02m 9s

Chapter: Security and Identification

Authentication (User Logins)

03m 19s

Login Dialogs

04m 16s

Securing Client-side Actions

02m 13s

Securing All Back-end Requests

02m 28s

User Management Interface

02m 52s

Chapter: Presenting Data from the Backend

Dynamic Menus

04m 38s

The Stores

03m 0s

Model Proxies

02m 13s

How to Structure MySQL Tables

02m 46s

Chapter: Controls and Presentation

The Grids

04m 35s

Master-detail Views

02m 0s

Calendar Control

02m 57s

Custom Templates

03m 41s

Chapter: Charting with Ext JS

Some Basic Charting

03m 10s

Exporting Charts as PNGs

02m 17s

Exporting Charts as PDFs

01m 20s

Places and Maps

03m 1s

Chapter: Polishing Your Applications

Localization and Translation

03m 49s

Theming with SASS

03m 33s


02m 3s

History Support

03m 7s

Chapter: Shipping Your Application

Compressing JavaScript and CSS

03m 31s

Deploying to a Server

02m 45s

Packaging a Desktop Application

02m 45s

Using a CDN

03m 50s

Cross-site Scripting, CORS, JSONP, and CSRF

05m 53s

Chapter: Methods for Debugging and Testing

Inspecting Ext JS Applications with Chrome DevTools

03m 32s

Digging into the Ext JS Object Model with Illuminations

04m 17s

Automated Testing with Selenium

03m 26s

Cross-browser Testing with TestSwarm and Saucelabs

03m 38s

Looking towards Continuous Integration for Ext JS

04m 4s