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Table of Contents

Chapter: Developing Our First Application Using Redis

Installing Redis and Starting the Command-line Client

06m 9s

Getting and Setting Strings

08m 23s

Inspecting Keys

06m 47s

Atomic Numeric Counters

03m 25s

Partial Data Modification

04m 0s

Implementing a Simple Cache

05m 6s

Chapter: Administration and Security

Server CONFIGuration

06m 58s

Setting Up Authentication

03m 3s

Logging and Monitoring

06m 42s

Data Storage and Security

05m 21s

Chapter: Lists and Hashes

Introducing an Image Gallery Application

04m 32s

Users' Information Is Stored in Hashes

06m 51s

Adding a List of Galleries

07m 16s

Image Pagination and Surfing History

04m 26s

Chapter: Sets, Sorted Sets, and HyperLogLog

Tagging Images with Sets

07m 1s

Running Tag Clouds with Sorted Sets

08m 23s

Counting Unique Visitors with HyperLogLog

03m 36s

Deducting Gallery Tags

02m 51s

Making Friends-related Logic with Sets

03m 41s

Chapter: Publishing/Subscribing

Introducing a Chatting Application

04m 19s

Direct Messaging with Publish/Subscribe

04m 52s

Implementing a Chat Room

03m 52s

Handling Multiple Rooms with Multichannel Subscription

03m 36s

Chapter: Scaling and High Availability

Master/Slave Replication

05m 52s


06m 5s

The Redis Cluster

06m 58s


06m 23s

Chapter: Transactions and Pipelining

Explaining Transactions

06m 21s

Implementing Check-and-set

05m 39s


04m 44s

The Mass Insertion of Data

04m 45s

Chapter: Scripting Redis

An Introduction to the Lua Script

07m 0s

Writing Scripts

06m 59s

EVALuating Scripts

04m 38s

Caching Scripts

04m 16s

A Final Word

02m 3s