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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Civil 3D?

02m 12s

About The Author

03m 10s

What You Should Expect From This Course

00m 49s

Working With The Dataset For This Course

02m 20s

How to Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: The Civil 3D Interface

Civil 3D Workspaces

01m 53s

The Civil 3D Ribbon

02m 5s

Tool Space - Prospector

03m 6s

Tool Space - Settings

09m 36s

Properties Palette

01m 36s

Tool Palettes

01m 34s

Transparent Commands

02m 57s

The Panorama Window

02m 35s

Chapter: Points

Points Overview

02m 25s

Description Keys

05m 10s

Point File Formats

01m 27s

Importing Points

02m 34s

Reviewing Point Data

01m 51s

Point Tools

05m 3s

Point Groups

04m 2s

Modifying Points

03m 14s

Creating Point Reports

01m 28s

Chapter: Using Survey Databases

Survey Toolspace - Overview

02m 42s

Survey Database - Overview

04m 13s

Survey Settings And Styles

02m 52s

Import Events

05m 23s

Linework Codesets

05m 45s

Survey Figures

07m 30s

Survey Points

02m 43s

Survey Queries

04m 1s

Chapter: Surfaces

Surfaces Overview

02m 12s

Creating Breaklines From Points

03m 35s

Adding Survey Data To A Surface

03m 33s

Adding Proximity And Standard Breaklines To A Surface

02m 35s

Adding A Headwall Breakline To A Surface

02m 47s

Adding Contours To A Surface

02m 18s

Adding Boundaries To A Surface

02m 33s

Surface Properties

02m 55s

Editing Surfaces - Lines

03m 2s

Editing Surfaces - Points

03m 2s

Editing Surfaces - Paste Surfaces

02m 25s

Editing Surfaces - Additional Tools

03m 19s

Surface Analysis

03m 41s

Surface Labels

04m 24s

Surface Volumes

02m 0s

Chapter: Alignments

Alignment Overview

02m 43s

Alignment - Element Constraints

01m 39s

Creating Alignments - Pi Method

04m 14s

Creating Alignments - Fixed, Floating, And Free Methods

05m 15s

Alignment Properties

02m 0s

Alignment Reporting

02m 10s

Alignment - Labels And Tables

03m 23s

Chapter: Sharing Civil 3D Data

Sharing Data Overview

02m 0s

Data Shortcut Overview

03m 0s

Using Data Shortcuts

03m 13s

Removing And Promoting Shortcuts

01m 42s

Labeling And Referencing Files

01m 29s

Managing Data Shortcuts

01m 47s

Chapter: Profiles

Profile Overview

02m 0s

Surface Profiles And Profile Views

03m 36s

Design Profiles

04m 25s

Editing Profiles

01m 37s

Labelling Profile View

02m 14s

Profile Reporting

01m 3s

Chapter: Assemblies And Subassemblies

Assembly And Subassembly Overview

02m 53s

Creating Assemblies For Corridor Modelling

05m 18s

Modifying Assemblies

01m 39s

Copying Assemblies To A Tool Palette

01m 42s

Chapter: Corridor Modelling

Corridor Overview

02m 9s

Create A Corridor

02m 9s

Target Mapping

02m 22s

Corridor Properties

03m 15s

Corridor Surfaces

02m 22s

Review And Edit Corridor Sections

04m 35s

Chapter: Grading In Civil 3D

Grading Overview

02m 19s

Creating And Editing Feature Lines

13m 6s

Grading Objects

04m 43s

Grading Volumes

02m 51s

Chapter: Pipe Networks

Pipe Networks Overview

03m 13s

Configuring Pipe Networks

06m 27s

Creating A Pipe Network From Objects

04m 18s

Laying Out A Pipe Network

06m 21s

Editing Pipe Networks

05m 1s

Interference Checking With Pipe Networks

04m 51s

Annotating Pipe Networks

05m 55s

Pipe Reporting

01m 46s

Chapter: Cross Section

Cross Section Overview

04m 51s

Sample Line Groups

09m 10s

Creating Cross Section Views

08m 2s

Labeling Cross Section Views

04m 51s

Chapter: Quantity Takeoff

Earthwork Volumes

09m 46s

Material Volumes

09m 12s

Quantity Takeoff

10m 1s

Mass Haul Diagrams

04m 5s

Chapter: Creating Sheets

Creating Plan Sheets

12m 16s

Creating Cross Section Sheets

05m 32s

Sheet Sets Overview

05m 41s

Chapter: Parcels

Parcels Overview

03m 0s

Creating Parcels From Objects

04m 16s

Row Parcels

04m 22s

Laying Out Parcels

05m 44s

Editing Parcels

04m 47s

Labeling Parcels

04m 49s

Parcel Tables

05m 9s

Reporting On Parcels

02m 45s

Chapter: Pressure Pipe Networks

Pressure Pipe Networks Overview

01m 50s

Configuring Pressure Pipe Networks

04m 40s

Creating A Pressure Pipe Network From Objects

03m 57s

Laying Out A Pressure Pipe Network

03m 36s

Editing Pressure Pipe Networks

03m 47s

Interference Checking With Pressure Pipe

03m 34s

Adding Pressure Pipe Networks To Different Views

01m 54s

Annotating Pressure Pipe Networks

04m 55s

Chapter: Point Clouds

Working With Point Clouds

05m 24s

Creating A Civil 3D Surface From Point Clouds

02m 5s

Chapter: Final


02m 22s