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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What To Expect

01m 41s

About The Author

01m 28s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Setting Up Your Projects With Git

Git - Modern Source Control

02m 17s

Configuring Your Git Tools

08m 15s

Cloning An Existing Project

05m 23s

Creating A Fresh Repository

04m 21s

Bringing An Existing Project Into Git

05m 51s

Handling Dependency Management Files

02m 57s

Git Hosting Platforms

04m 41s

Forking Repositories

06m 25s

Working With Multiple Remotes

04m 58s

Chapter: Source Controlling Your Work

Your Individual Git Workflow

04m 36s

Staging Changes

07m 4s

Unstaging Changes

07m 29s

Comparing Changes

06m 50s

Understanding Git Commits

06m 46s

The Git Log Command

06m 44s

Chapter: Collaborating With Git

Creating Branches

06m 45s

Branching Strategies

09m 52s

Merging Branches

04m 2s

Tracking Branches

03m 47s

Merge Conflicts

08m 10s

Git Undo

07m 25s

Fast-Forward Merges

05m 3s

Rebase To Bring Your Branch Up To Date

07m 31s

Rebase Conflicts

09m 23s

Rebase Interactive

09m 31s

Chapter: Use Git To Improve Development Workflow

Code Reviews

08m 21s

Git Diff Tool

06m 0s

Configuring Diff For Specific File Types

05m 51s

Using Git Hooks To Improve Quality

05m 39s

Tag Your Releases

05m 38s

Chapter: Delivering Projects With Help From Git

Reacting To Git Changes

07m 4s

The Build Step

05m 50s

Continuous Integration And Git

07m 21s

From Git To Deployment

06m 20s

Chapter: Where Next?

Course Summary And Recommended Reading

05m 7s


01m 8s