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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome And What To Expect

04m 23s

About The Author

01m 34s


03m 59s


01m 42s

How To Use The Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Basics

Generic Methods

03m 1s

Generic Classes

05m 57s

Generic Interfaces

02m 57s


02m 39s

Generic Delegates And Events

03m 57s

Generic Default Values

03m 56s

Type Inference

02m 59s

Nested Generic Definitions

03m 9s

VB.NET Syntax

04m 52s

Chapter: Linked List Example

Non-Generic Linked List

03m 26s

Generic Linked List

03m 57s

Implementing Generic IEnumerable

01m 38s

Using Generic Delegates

03m 11s

Chapter: Generics In The Framework

Generic IEnumerable

07m 31s

Generic List

08m 27s

Generic Collections And Arrays

03m 24s


02m 20s

Generic Dictionary

04m 0s

Delegate Types

03m 59s

Other Generic Classes In The Framework - Part 1

04m 59s

Other Generic Classes In The Framework - Part 2

07m 2s

Chapter: Constraints

Introduction To Constraints

03m 20s

Class And Struct Constraints

03m 2s

Constraining To A Type

05m 5s

New Constraint

02m 22s

Restrictions On Unconstrained Types

02m 44s

Equals Operator

05m 51s

VB.NET Syntax

02m 28s

Chapter: Real World Examples

XML Serialization

05m 51s

Prism Region Manager

06m 15s

Generic Base Class - Part 1

04m 6s

Generic Base Class - Part 2

06m 3s

Modal Dialog Initialization

05m 48s

Chapter: Other Topics

Generics And Enumerations

06m 24s

Generic Terminology

02m 24s

Covariance - Part 1

06m 0s

Covariance - Part 2

01m 34s


05m 12s


08m 0s

Chapter: Conclusion

Summary And Resources

03m 10s