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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

00m 54s

About The Author

01m 18s

Why Command Line - The GUI Is Not Enough

07m 5s

Accessing The Command Line

02m 34s

Linux Shells - What Is The Difference And Why Should I Care?

06m 23s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: The Prompt And Shell Interaction

Basic Shell Interaction

03m 4s

Getting Around - cd And pwd

09m 22s

Listing Files And Directories

05m 17s

How The Shell Works - What Happens When You Hit Return

07m 27s

Chapter: Simple Commands

Dealing With Files - cat, head, tail And less

06m 54s

About Your System - df, uptime And uname

04m 30s

Dealing With Processes - Part 1

06m 39s

Dealing With Processes - Part 2

08m 29s

Running Commands In The Background

04m 43s

How To Learn More - Man Pages

11m 12s

Chapter: Files And Directories


03m 2s


03m 44s

mkdir, rmdir And rm -r

04m 12s

Soft And Hard Links -ln

08m 22s

Chapter: Permissions

ls Revisited - ls -l And More Options

07m 42s

File Permissions - The Mode - Part 1

04m 4s

Directory Permissions - The Mode - Part 2

08m 11s

Special Permissions - Root, Sudo And Extra Permission Bits

09m 7s

Understanding Users And Groups

06m 9s

Changing Permissions - chmod, chown And chgrp

08m 51s

Managing Users - useradd, usermod, userdel, passwd

08m 25s

Managing Groups - groupadd And groupdel

02m 44s

Chapter: Pipes, Backgrounding And IO Redirection

Three Useful Commands - Grep, Sort, And Cut

09m 47s

Pipes And Pipelines

07m 39s

IO Redirection

10m 57s

Chapter: Wildcards

Introducing Shell Wildcards

05m 19s

Understanding Shell Wildcards

04m 26s

Chapter: Customization

Customizing Aliases

05m 31s

Customizing Your Path

07m 0s

Customizing Your Prompt

06m 49s

Making Customizations Persist

04m 58s

Chapter: VI

Why Learning VI Is Important

03m 32s

Navigating In VI, Making Changes And Saving

06m 21s

Advanced Editing In VI - Part 1

06m 36s

Advanced Editing In VI - Part 2

07m 5s

Chapter: Conclusion

Conclusion And A Bonus Command

01m 10s