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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About The Course

02m 5s

About The Author

00m 53s

How To Access The Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Advanced Sketching

3D Sketching Environment

03m 39s

3D Sketching - Part 1

09m 40s

3D Sketching - Part 2

08m 37s

Chapter: Advanced Modelling

Sweep With Guide Rail

03m 32s

Sweep With Guide Surface

04m 6s

Sweep With A Twist

04m 45s

Centerline Loft

01m 53s

Area Loft

04m 5s


05m 20s

Emboss And Engrave

07m 31s


03m 39s

User Coordinate Systems

06m 34s

Derived Parts

06m 33s

Curve Driven Patterns

05m 55s

Chapter: Advanced Modification Tools


06m 10s


03m 43s

Copy Object

04m 46s

Delete Face

05m 41s

Bend Part

03m 8s

Face Fillets

03m 15s

Full Round Fillets

02m 44s

Chapter: Multi-Body Modelling

Multi-Body Overview

02m 51s

Multi-Body Creation - Part 1

05m 54s

Multi-Body Creation - Part 2

06m 32s

Multi-Body Modification - Part 1

06m 7s

Multi-Body Modification - Part 2

04m 25s

Multi-Body Modification - Part 3

04m 5s

Multi-Body Duplication

05m 10s

Complex Multi-Body Modelling

06m 19s

Multi-Body Properties

04m 21s

Chapter: Multi-Body Assemblies And Drawings

Make Components - Part 1

05m 53s

Make Components - Part 2

05m 57s

Make Part

07m 35s

Documentation Of Multi-Solids

04m 17s

Chapter: Sheet Metal Design Overview

Sheet Metal Environment

05m 8s

Sheet Metal Templates

02m 30s

Sheet Metal Styles

05m 45s

Chapter: Sheet Metal Base Features


04m 1s

Contour Flange

05m 50s

Contour Roll

05m 5s

Lofted Flange

05m 35s

Sheet Metal Multi-Body Creation

05m 25s

Chapter: Sheet Metal Secondary Features

Secondary Faces

06m 56s


08m 42s

Secondary Contour Flanges

06m 44s

Secondary Contour Rolls

02m 27s

Sheet Metal Multi-Body II

05m 16s


03m 1s


04m 49s


03m 27s

Bend And Corner Reliefs

05m 36s

Chapter: Sheet Metal Modification Tools


08m 41s

Corner Seams

03m 10s


03m 41s

Unfold And Refold

03m 12s

Corner Rounds And Chamfers

02m 21s

Punch Tools

05m 40s

Creating User Punches

11m 37s

Sheet Metal Multi-Body III

05m 35s

Working With Mirrored Sheet Metal

04m 15s

Convert Normal Parts To Sheet Metal

02m 55s

Chapter: Creating Flat Patterns

Flat Pattern Environment

05m 32s

Orienting Flat Patterns

02m 39s

Bend Order

03m 12s

Cosmetic Centerlines

01m 51s

Exporting Flat Patterns

04m 56s

Chapter: Sheet Metal Documentation

Placing Views

05m 49s

Bend Annotation

04m 3s

Punch Notes And Tables

05m 20s

Chapter: Express Mode

Large Assembly Overview

07m 24s

Assembly Express Mode

04m 21s

Large Assembly Drawings

07m 10s

Chapter: Advanced Constraints

Limiting Constraints

02m 58s

Flexible Components

02m 44s

Motion Constraints

06m 23s

Transitional Constraints

03m 51s

UCS Constraint Sets

03m 29s

Chapter: Positional Representations

Positional Representation Overview

02m 23s

Create Positional Representations

06m 28s

Edit Positional Representations

03m 11s

Positional Representation Drawings

04m 42s

Chapter: Level Of Detail Representations

Uses Of Level Of Detail

03m 58s

System And User Levels Of Detail

03m 49s

Working Inside Levels Of Detail

06m 43s

Nesting Levels Of Detail

07m 31s

Using Levels Of Detail

04m 36s

Substitute Levels Of Detail

06m 34s

Create And Update Substitutes

02m 18s

Chapter: Frame Generator

Frame Generator Overview

03m 53s

Create A Frame Skeleton

07m 43s

Insert Frame Members

13m 2s

Frame Generator End Treatments - Part 1

08m 1s

Frame Generator End Treatments - Part 2

10m 1s

Frame Generator Reuse And Change Reuse

08m 32s

Frame Analysis

06m 35s

Frame Generator Bill Of Materials And Drawings

07m 25s

Chapter: Weldments

Weldment Environment

04m 21s

Weldment Preparations

03m 43s

Assembly Welds - Part 1

07m 34s

Assembly Welds - Part 2

06m 2s

Assembly Machining

03m 36s

Weldment Documentation

04m 43s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

03m 59s